The capital region of Norway is one of the most prospering regions of Europe, combining a high quality of life with a high level of productivity. The region consists of Oslo, the capital of Norway, and the surrounding county of Akershus. More than one million people live in the region which also serves a gateway to the rest of Norway and the Nordic countries.

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  • Norway Exports

    Staying informed is essential for success, no matter what your line of business is. In Norway Exports you will find information about exporting sectors and regions, as well as an overview of highly profiled companies. You ...


  • Abelia

    Abelia is a trade and employers' association dedicated to improving the business environment for its member companies in the knowledge- and technology-based sector, and to promoting the industry's contribution to economic ...


  • Oslo Chamber of Commerce

    Oslo Chamber of Commerce is a private membership and service organization, with most of the members located in the Oslo area.


  • Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet)

    Norwegian Environment Agency plays a key role in preserving nature, reducing pollution, and shaping Norwegian environmental policy.