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  • Butter

    Development partnership in Colombia

    Choco is the one of the most underdeveloped areas in Colombia with a huge appetite for growth and developement. We are looking for Norwegian companies interested in partnering with us to develop these areas with trade an...

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  • Wardrobes & Storage Equipment

    Find suppliers/producers

    My name is Onur Kozluca.   I am an expert for companies to find customers, also i am an expert for companies to find producers for anything, any quality, any price...   I work for 22 years as a middle man b...

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  • Distribution Transformers

    LED Lighting &Electrical Equipment

    Sirius Global is a marketing, trading and consulting firm in India. With nearly USD 3T GDP, India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. With advancing technology, world is becoming a village. With quality...

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  • Consultants

    Qualified specialists available for the construction industry

    We are a slovakian personnel agency LUTO Group, the mother of the LUTO Norge AS and an active member of the Norwegian – German Chamber of Commerce. Currently, as a subcontractor, we closely co-operate with the well kn...

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  • Parquet Flooring

    Outfittings cooperation

    Penta company specializes in construction work, also in the equipment and interior outfitting . We provide our products for the construction, maritime and offshore market. The projects are always created according to ...

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  • Architects

    Real Estate Advisor wanted

    Does your customers are?  - investors looking for  an alternativ ways of invesment - purchaser looking for second or mayby third house in the beautiful area - doctors, lawyers, architects or entrepreneurs lo...

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  • Doors, garage

    Windows and doors

    Dako - the producer of Windows , Roller Blinds , Doors and Garage doors. the production of joinery since 1994 over a milion sold products  prestigiuos certyficates from the Research Institutes and numerous prizes...

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  • Breeding Livestock

    Glass fibre manufacturer

    We are a Polish manufacturer of fiberglass and carbon fiber composite materials. We offer our products with very good price and guaranteed quality. At present, our offer includes, among others, reinforcing rods and mesh ...

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  • Prefabricated log & frame buildings

    Manufacturer of log cabins

    We are highly pleased to recommend our company the manufacture of the prefabricated wooden houses and flat pack furniture as well. The houses are beeing made from the coniferiuos two side cutted  wood. The balks thi...

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  • Timber

    Log houses

    We would like to introduce ourselves: KORTENA Ltd, the Lithuanian company which specialises in log house production. In 15 years we have built more than 300 houses in Lithuania and in Europe. We are eager to export our p...

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