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  • Electrical cables

    Electrical Cables and accesories

    Our product list is      Extra High Voltage cables[EHV cables], EHV cable accessories, Armoured cables, Power cables, HT cables, LT cables , Flexible cabl...

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  • Protective relays


    To Whom It May Concern; My name is Jason Chan, Sales Director of Metronics Manufacturing Snd Bhd of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. We are the manufacturer of RAYTON surge protection device in Malaysia. Surge Protection Device ...

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  • Turbines, valves & governors

    Pumps, turbines, generators, valves and penstocks for pumped hydro storage projects.

    We are seeking information from suppliers of a range products for pumped stoage project applications. We are seeking long term partners for our applications.   The main categories of products we seek are: Pumps:...

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  • Lines

    Energy sector

    Energy Composites is situated on the south of Poland in Wodzislaw Slaski in the Silesian Voivodeship. Our company was established in 2014. as a daughter company of Alumast S.A, which is on the market from 2000.   ...

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  • Generators

    Repair of machines, pumps

    ZELTECH - ME Spolka z o.o. (Lld) is part of ZELTECH S.A. (joint stock company). Since 1946, when our company was established.  We have been dealing with repair of electric machines, repair of submersible pumps ...

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  • Demand side management


    I have a new plan to get energy and power from a special magnetic motors that it does not need any other energy to start, so it is an unlimited energy source and it can use in lots of industries.

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  • Compact switchgear cubicles

    Electrical planning/design process control

    Electrical switchboard planning. We have experience wide range of switchboards types.  In industrial area we plan switchboards for machines, (packing, production lines, filling machines etc.…) cooling and heating ce...

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  • Bot projects

    Water Power

    We are looking any potential company which can invest in generating power especially for water power. In Tanzania we do have a lot of sources of generating power while in other areas especially in rural area there is no ...

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  • Generators

    Permanent Magnet Generator

    We produce low-speed, direct drive Permanent Magnet Generator. Looking for business partner or agent for your area.   The typical speed range is 60 rpm/50 or 60 Hz. Generator power range is 50 kW-8 MW and more. ...

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  • Generators

    Portable Thermoelectric Generators

    Powerspot ™ is a 100% Spanish company dedicated to the development and manufacture of portable thermoelectric generation devices, specifically designed to produce electricity in remote and isolated locations, where the ...

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