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  • Swix Sport AS

    Frysjaveien 40 0884 OSLO02626

    Swix Sport AS head quarter is situated in Lillehammer, Norway. In addition we have subsidiary companies in Boston, Swix Sport USA Inc., Tokyo, Swix Sport Japan K.K and Germany, Swix Sport GmbH. Swix products have existed since 1946, and are still ...

  • Drytech AS

    Evjenvegen 130 9024 TOMASJORD77600300

    Customized field rations are Drytech’s main products with freeze-dried meals providing user nutrition for 24 hours. Advantages include different sizes and calorie levels that are adjusted to temperate, tropic and arctic climates along with lightweigh...

  • Nordic Outdoor AS

    Tromøyveien 18 4841 ARENDAL37002800

  • Jerven AS

    Eitrheimsvegen 52 5750 ODDA53642018

    Founded in 1982, Jerven AS develops and produces high-quality hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment. The company’s main product is the Jerven bag, a protective tarp that comes in several different models. Originally developed for Norwegian game hunt...

  • O Mustad & Søn AS

    Raufossvegen 40 2821 GJØVIK61137700

  • Springer A/s

    Anolitveien 16 1400 SKI64911160

    Springer AS is the exclusive producer of the Springer® dog tether for bicycles. Manufactured in Norway, the tether is distributed in the USA and Canada through its subsidiary, Springer, Inc. Over 350,000 Springer® tethers are already in use.

  • Bergans Fritid AS

    Loesmoen 3300 HOKKSUND32252500

  • Cycleurope Norge AS

    Grenseveien 97A 0663 OSLO51604500

  • Madshus AS

    Industrivegen 29 2836 BIRI61134300

  • Norrøna Sport AS

    Vollsveien 13H 1366 LYSAKER66772400