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  • Norsk Hydro Asa

    Drammensveien 264 0283 OSLO22538100

    Hydro is a Fortune 500 energy and aluminium supplier founded in 1905, with 36,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. Hydro is a leading offshore producer of oil and gas, the world's third-largest integrated aluminium supplier and a pioneer in renewabl...


    Veritasveien 1 1363 HØVIK67579900

    DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment...

  • Algea AS

    Omagata 78 6517 KRISTIANSUND N71580950

    Algea AS has been supplying seaweed (kelp) products throughout the world for over 40 years. The company’s best-known product is its seaweed powder VIALGIN, which is used as a feed additive in the aquaculture industry. VIALGIN enhances feed efficiency...

  • Fmc Biopolymer AS

    Industriveien 33 1337 SANDVIKA67815500

    NovaMatrix is one of the world’s leading producers and supplier of ultra-pure, well-characterized and documented biopolymers and biomaterials for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical applications. The company’s current products are spe...

  • Microbeads AS

    Vestvollveien 30A 2019 SKEDSMOKORSET64835300

  • Trustper AS

    c/o Advokat Hellerøy Hellerøy & Co Advokatfirma Sentrumveien 4 1400 SKI64914141

    Our Company is pleased to contribute with technical knowledge and advices based on 40 years plus of experiences. Our core business is linked to steel preservation and basic maintenance in seawater ballast tanks for ocean going vessels. We are working...

  • AS Nortrade

    Kirkegata 6 4610 KRISTIANSAND S38023079

    For more than 15 years AS Nortrade has supplied worldwide Active Rust Primer 662 SG. It is a waterborne anticorrosive primer and rust converter for the commercial shipping industry, and is designed to solve the most diffcult areas onboard in coating ...

  • Jotun A/s

    Hystadveien 167 3209 SANDEFJORD33457000

    Jotun is one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers with origins from Norway and a history spanning nearly 80 years across 50 countries. In our sophisticated R&D laboratories in Norway, Korea, Dubai, Malaysia, USA and China more than 200 scientis...

  • Orica Norway AS

    Røykenveien 18 3427 GULLAUG

  • K A Rasmussen AS

    Birkebeinervegen 24 2316 HAMAR62512710

  • Keranor AS

    Brobekkveien 104A 0582 OSLO22881320

    KeraNor is a developer, producer and supplier of flat, ceramic porous products, filters, and membranes to customers that produce, develop and/or use industrial equipment containing such components.

  • Lilleborg AS

    Nedre Skøyen vei 26 0276 OSLO81536000

  • Nordic Garden AS

    Borgeskogen 4 3160 STOKKE33381820

  • Nordox AS

    Østensjøveien 13 0661 OSLO22975000

    NORDOX has achieved a leading position as a global supplier of cuprous oxides to the marine paint industry for the manufacture of antifouling paints and fish farm net dips, to the agrochemical industry as an active ingredient for fungicides, and like...

  • Pronova Biopharma Norge AS

    Lilleakerveien 2C 0283 OSLO22534850

    Pronova Biocare is a world leader within the field of omega-3-derived pharmaceutical refining production. The company’s history goes all the way back to 1838, when JC Martens in Bergen began refining oil products from fish.

  • Reichhold AS

    Klinestadmoen 9 3241 SANDEFJORD33448600

  • Scanox AS

    Linnesstranda 2 3426 GULLAUG32244300

  • Uno-x Energi AS

    Lysaker torg 35 1366 LYSAKER04200

  • Yara International Asa

    Drammensveien 131 0277 OSLO24157000

    Yara International ASA is a leading global nitrogen fertilizer and chemicals company. It all started in 1905 based on the breakthrough technology of reacting nitrogen and oxygen directly from air, and converting it to nitric acid and calcium nitrate....

  • Gjøco AS

    Ørvegen 1160 6639 TORVIKBUKT71291700

  • Nel Hydrogen AS

    Nordre Kullerød 27 3241 SANDEFJORD51990000

    Norsk Hydro Electrolysers AS is a world-leading supplier of water electrolysis equipment and complete hydrogen generation units for industrial applications, hydrogen fuelling stations and distributed energy systems. The company is a limited company w...

  • Noretyl AS

    Herreveien 801 3962 STATHELLE35007500

  • Norsk Matraps Sa

    Gulbringa 1 1825 TOMTER90086349

  • Øraveien Industripark AS

    Nedre Skøyen vei 26 0276 OSLO69395200

  • Ren Såpeindustri AS

    Veum Allè 13 1615 FREDRIKSTAD69391455

  • Umicore Norway AS

    Hoffs gate 10 3262 LARVIK33180950