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  • Aclima AS

    Sundvollhovet 3535 KRØDEREN32150600

    Aclima has developed and manufactured functional underwear since the beginning of the 1920’s. Their aim has always been to combine comfort and function by choosing the optimal mix of fibres, knitting method and seaming.

  • Norlense AS

    Fiskebøl 8317 STRØNSTAD76118180

    NorLense AS is one of the world’s leading companies within the development and production of oil booms.

  • Drytech AS

    Evjenvegen 130 9024 TOMASJORD77600300

    Customized field rations are Drytech’s main products with freeze-dried meals providing user nutrition for 24 hours. Advantages include different sizes and calorie levels that are adjusted to temperate, tropic and arctic climates along with lightweigh...

  • Alfa Sko AS

    Jarenstranda 12 2750 GRAN61336900

  • AS Safa-samnanger Fabrikker

    Ytre-Tysse 23 5650 TYSSE56589800

  • Blåklader AS

    Solgaardskog 110 1599 MOSS69276060

  • Equipnor AS

    Glynitveien 27 1400 SKI64851400

    Norsk Forsvarsmateriell AS (NFM) was established in 1996. The company’s business objective was to offer soldiers and law enforcement professionals state-of-the-art equipment and clothing solutions. The goal continues to be to satisfy the requirements...

  • Jerven AS

    Eitrheimsvegen 52 5750 ODDA53642018

    Founded in 1982, Jerven AS develops and produces high-quality hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment. The company’s main product is the Jerven bag, a protective tarp that comes in several different models. Originally developed for Norwegian game hunt...

  • Mammut Ajungilak AS

    Professor Birkelands vei 36 1081 OSLO23143700

  • Oskar Pedersen AS

    Skibåsen 35D 4636 KRISTIANSAND S38106000

    Oskar Pedersen AS provide the Defence industry operative solutions in logistical supply, field and soldier equipment, and customized specialty products, through its solid alliance with the highest caliber and innovative manufacturers around the worl...

  • Wenaas Workwear AS

    6386 MÅNDALEN02055

  • Alm Våpen & Villmark AS

    Øyevollveien 6 4460 MOI51401818

  • Bergans Fritid AS

    Loesmoen 3300 HOKKSUND32252500

  • Brynje Trikotasjefabrikk AS

    Øya 41 3262 LARVIK33183300

  • Cato Ringstad AS

    Tønne Huitfeldts plass 2 1767 HALDEN69178200

    Cato Ringstad AS has been in business for 50 years, including 30 years as an equipment manufacturer for defence forces, police departments and other organizations. The company and its subsidiary Cato Composites are known for their ability to consiste...

  • Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt

    Instituttveien 20 2007 KJELLER63807000

    In Norway the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) manages the main responsibility for defence-related research. The establishment is also the trusted adviser on defence-related science and technology for the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.

  • Gsi Gausdal Sewing Industry AS

    Segalstad Bru 2651 ØSTRE GAUSDAL61055100

  • Husnes Konfeksjon AS

    c/o VICTORIA AS Leirvikflaten 5 5179 GODVIK53472357

  • K Stormark Konfeksjonsfabrikk AS

    Jevnakervegen 20 2870 DOKKA61112400

  • Klaveness Footwear AS

    Lingelemveien 65 3225 SANDEFJORD33489700

  • Lilltech AS

    Vilbergvegen 107 2060 GARDERMOEN90408741

  • Madshus AS

    Industrivegen 29 2836 BIRI61134300

  • Mittet AS

    Kvasnesvegen 2 6037 EIDSNES70175300

  • Nfm Holding AS

    Glynitveien 27 1400 SKI64851400

    NFM Group develop, manufacture and market products and services targeted for security purposes.

  • Nordic Defence & Security AS

    Rudssletta 97 1351 RUD22547050

  • Nordtro AS

    Industrivegen 8 9152 SØRKJOSEN77765500

  • Reide AS

    Nils Hansens vei 20 0667 OSLO22723333

  • Rofi AS

    Gammelseterlia 23 6422 MOLDE71203333

    The ROFI Protective line comprises lightweight armouring of vehicles for protection against landmines, body armours, helmets and visors, and a customized selection of deminer vests and aprons. In addition, the ROFI Camp Kit is increasingly becoming t...

  • Safety & Security Service AS

    Økern torgvei 13 0580 OSLO22833390