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  • NTP Products AS

    Trosvikstranda 46 - 48 1608 FREDRIKSTAD69383000

    Norsk Teknisk Porselen Products AS is an independent Norwegian based company, which operates in many market segments. Since its foundation in 1916 NTP AS has developed gradually to gain its present position as one of the leading suppliers of electro ...

  • Green Business Norway

    Uniongata 18 3732 SKIEN90863349

    Green Business Norway is a professional organization acting on behalf of enterprises in the Environmental Energy & Technology sector.

  • Elkem ASA

    Drammensveien 169 0277 OSLO22450100

    Environmentally responsible production of materials - silicon, silicones, ferrosilicon, foundry alloys, carbon materials and microsilica.

  • Lloyds Register Consulting - Energy AS

    Drammensveien 169 0277 OSLO40003500

    Lloyds register Consulting contributes to technical and management-oriented solutions that protect people's lives and health, protect the external environment against pollution, and increase asset enhancement and productivity. The company’s team of p...

  • SINTEF Ocean

    Otto Nielsens veg 10 7052 TRONDHEIM46415000

    The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) performs research and development for companies in the field of marine technology.

  • 62464444

  • Cambi AS

    Skysstasjon 11A 1383 ASKER66779800

    Cambi AS provides profitable and advanced waste and sludge treatment systems, focused on maximizing energy production and minimizing final product mass. Cambi biogas plants have double the normal organic loading and are very compact. The resulting di...

  • Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO02694

    COWI AS is one of Norway’s leading multi-disciplinary consulting companies with more than 700 employees in Norway and abroad.

  • Norconsult AS

    Vestfjordgaten 4 1338 SANDVIKA67571000

    Norconsult is one of the Nordic region’s leading interdisciplinary consultancy firms and the largest in Norway, with operations extending over four continents. The company has 3 100 employees and is headquartered outside of Oslo. Norconsult has a b...

  • Emisoft AS

    Fjøsangerveien 50D 5059 BERGEN55304500

    Emisoft AS develops and supplies TEAMS – an EMIS software application – and environmental consultancy services. Working at the crossroads between environmental services and IT, Emisoft has in-depth expertise in environmental technology, and provides ...

  • Clean Tunnel Air International AS

    Hårstadreina 13 7092 TILLER99046353

  • Hexagon Composites Asa

    Korsegata 4B 6002 ÅLESUND70116445

    Hexagon Composites ASA is one of Scandinavia’s leading developers and producers of composites using advanced technology to commercially develop composite products. The company is listed on the SMB list on the Oslo Børs (HEX) and has approximately 1,5...

  • Miljø Teknologi AS

    Rødmyrsvingen 82 3735 SKIEN35583700

  • Norsk Teknisk Porselen AS

    Trosvikstranda 46-48 1608 FREDRIKSTAD69383000

    NTP AS is an independent Norwegian based company, which operates in many market segments. Since its foundation in 1916 NTP AS has developed gradually to gain its present position as one of the leading suppliers of electro ceramics and the company is ...

  • Pipetech International AS

    Koppholen 25 4313 SANDNES51599850

    Pipe Tech International AS is a Norwegian company that specializes in new cleaning technologies for piping, piping systems, pipelines, heat exchangers, coolers and other process equipment. The company’s computerized Hydrokinetic™ cleaning technology ...

  • Stiftelsen Returgass

    Horgenveien 227 3303 HOKKSUND91540073

  • Tøssebro AS

    Eidsbakken 81 6037 EIDSNES70172980

  • Yara International Asa

    Drammensveien 131 0277 OSLO24157000

    Yara International ASA is a leading global nitrogen fertilizer and chemicals company. It all started in 1905 based on the breakthrough technology of reacting nitrogen and oxygen directly from air, and converting it to nitric acid and calcium nitrate....

  • Airgenic AS

    Staverbakken 16 1341 SLEPENDEN67101400

  • Alstom Norway AS

    Drammensveien 165 0277 OSLO22127000

    ALSTOM Power Norway AS (previously Flakt and ABB Environmental) supplies services and environmental control technologies to industries worldwide through its environmental division. The Norwegian company is a market leader with more than 40 years ...

  • Bergfald Miljørådgivere AS

    Grev Wedels plass 4 0151 OSLO23000590

  • Cleanair AS

    c/o Marthinsen Trading AS Nordåsbrotet 2 5235 RÅDAL55541080

  • Entech Ba

    Kråkerøyveien 23 1672 KRÅKERØY69340625

    Entech is a network of Norwegian companies producing environmental technology covering a wide range of equipment and services. The business concept is to promote and support business possibilities through joint measures within environmental technolog...

  • Ge Wind Energy (norway) AS

    Drammensveien 165 0277 OSLO73820210

    ScanWind Group AS, with offices both in Norway and Sweden, develops and produces large wind power systems for onshore and offshore applications. To maintain the highest level of expertise, the company works closely with key strategic partners, univer...