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  • Green Business Norway

    Uniongata 18 3732 SKIEN90863349

    Green Business Norway is a professional organization acting on behalf of enterprises in the Environmental Energy & Technology sector.

  • SAR AS

    Oljevegen 5 4056 TANANGER51944444

    SAR AS is a specialist in Total Waste Management from all Oil & Gas activities such as drill cuttings treatment, OBM slop treatment, oil recovery, crude oil sludge treatment, oil contaminated soil treatment, pit remediation, tank cleaning and oil wat...

  • Thermtech AS

    Jacob Kjødes veg 15 5232 PARADIS55604060

    Thermtech AS is the owner and supplier of the TCC® technology, the patented and advanced thermal desorption technology able to treat various kinds of oily waste, drilling waste and slops from the wells, bottom tank sludge from refineries, soil recove...

  • Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO02694

    COWI AS is one of Norway’s leading multi-disciplinary consulting companies with more than 700 employees in Norway and abroad.

  • Fugro Oceanor AS

    Pirsenteret Havnegata 9 7010 TRONDHEIM73545200

    Fugro OCEANOR, part of the Fugro Group, is a high-tech company specializing in the delivery of integrated real-time environmental monitoring and information systems for oceans, rivers, lakes, groundwater and soil. The systems are often used in connec...

  • Norconsult AS

    Vestfjordgaten 4 1338 SANDVIKA67571000

    Norconsult is one of the Nordic region’s leading interdisciplinary consultancy firms and the largest in Norway, with operations extending over four continents. The company has 3 100 employees and is headquartered outside of Oslo. Norconsult has a b...

  • Emisoft AS

    Fjøsangerveien 50D 5059 BERGEN55304500

    Emisoft AS develops and supplies TEAMS – an EMIS software application – and environmental consultancy services. Working at the crossroads between environmental services and IT, Emisoft has in-depth expertise in environmental technology, and provides ...

  • Norplan A/s

    Kjørboveien 20 1337 SANDVIKA21585000

    NORPLAN is a multidisciplinary consulting partnership that combines the resources of more than 1150 of Norway's leading engineers, planners and management consultants.

  • Seut Industrier AS

    Landskaugveien 33 1914 YTRE ENEBAKK69368770

    ut Industrier AS, based in Fredrikstad, was initially established as a shipyard for chemical tankers in 1916. Since that time, Seut Industrier’s market focus has shifted to specialized manufacturing of industry-related products.

  • Aquateam Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO22358100

    Aquateam is an independent, environmental consultancy, specializing in water-related services. The company conducts R&D and consultancy projects for the petroleum sector and has 30 years of experience from the NCS. Aquateam addresses operational and ...

  • Biologge AS

    Framnesveien 7 3222 SANDEFJORD33428690

    Biologge AS is an industrial environmental company covering the areas of biology, chemistry and processing techniques in the management and treatment of contaminated sediments. Biologge was established in 1997 due to a growing demand for clean-up of ...

  • Norges Miljø- Og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (nmbu)

    Universitetstunet 3 1433 ÅS64965000

    The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) aims to be a central actor in environmental and biological science in the areas of biology, food, environment, land and natural resource management, and all of the aesthetic and technological subjects t...

  • Thermtech Holding AS

    Jacob Kjødes veg 15 5232 PARADIS55604065

    Thermtech AS has developed a unique environmentally friendly technology for handling various kinds of oily sludges, including the largest waste stream from the oil and gas industry – oil-containing drill cuttings. The TCC technology (Thermomechanical...

  • Norsk Institutt For Vannforskning

    Gaustadalléen 21 0349 OSLO22185100

  • Polar International A/s

    Skolmar 25 3232 SANDEFJORD33476100

  • Rambøll Norge AS

    Hoffsveien 4 0275 OSLO22518000

  • Sedicon AS

    Professor Brochs gate 2 7030 TRONDHEIM73529300

  • Sintef -Materials and Chemistry

    Postboks 4760 Sluppen 7465 TRONDHEIM40003730

    Part of the SINTEF Group. View main profile for full presentation.

  • Stiftelsen Norges Geotekniske Institutt

    Sognsveien 72 0855 OSLO22023000

    The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) provides advisory and research services in geotechnical engineering. Geo-environmental engineering is among the institute's major activities. Located in Oslo, NGI's staff of 130 serves both Norwegian and int...