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  • Green Business Norway

    Uniongata 18 3732 SKIEN90863349

    Green Business Norway is a professional organization acting on behalf of enterprises in the Environmental Energy & Technology sector.


    Veritasveien 1 1363 HØVIK67579900

    DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment...

  • SAR AS

    Oljevegen 5 4056 TANANGER51944444

    SAR AS is a specialist in Total Waste Management from all Oil & Gas activities such as drill cuttings treatment, OBM slop treatment, oil recovery, crude oil sludge treatment, oil contaminated soil treatment, pit remediation, tank cleaning and oil wat...

  • Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO02694

    COWI AS is one of Norway’s leading multi-disciplinary consulting companies with more than 700 employees in Norway and abroad.

  • Norconsult AS

    Vestfjordgaten 4 1338 SANDVIKA67571000

    Norconsult is one of the Nordic region’s leading interdisciplinary consultancy firms and the largest in Norway, with operations extending over four continents. The company has 3 100 employees and is headquartered outside of Oslo. Norconsult has a b...

  • Papir Og Fiberinstituttet AS

    Høgskoleringen 6B 7034 TRONDHEIM73605065

    Paper and Fibre Research Institute (PFI) is an independent research institute within wood fibre, pulp, paper, new biobased materials and biofuels. PFI is a subsidiary of INNVENTIA AB, a Swedish R&D-corporation with head office in Stockholm. The INNVE...

  • Delitek AS

    Moloveien 8432 ALSVÅG76185760

    Delitek AS was established in 1991 and has since then developed and produced a series of stainless-steel waste disposal compactors specially designed for use onboard ships, on offshore installations and also for the land-based fish industry.

  • Lindum AS

    Lerpeveien 155 3036 DRAMMEN32210900

    Based on 'a tired old rubbish heap' and the belief that it is possible to create jobs and a viable business based on environment-friendly waste treatment, Lindum Ressurs og Gjenvinning was founded in 1997. Today, Lindum is a small 'corporation' with ...

  • AS Batteriretur

    Kortbølgen 15B 1630 GAMLE FREDRIKSTAD69102770

  • Miko Plast AS

    Østre Aker vei 22 0581 OSLO23384773

  • Nammo AS

    Enggata 37 2830 RAUFOSS61153600

    NAMMO AS is a world-leading supplier of ammunition, missile products and demilitarisation services. The Nammo Group has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the USA. Nammo’s operational structure is divided into four stra...

  • Norsk Glassgjenvinning AS

    Haslevangen 14 0579 OSLO23173980

  • Pipetech International AS

    Koppholen 25 4313 SANDNES51599850

    Pipe Tech International AS is a Norwegian company that specializes in new cleaning technologies for piping, piping systems, pipelines, heat exchangers, coolers and other process equipment. The company’s computerized Hydrokinetic™ cleaning technology ...

  • RVM Systems AS

    Kobbervikdalen 75 3036 DRAMMEN32209100

    Repant delivers reverse vending systems for all authorized types of returnable deposits. The systems include reverse vending machines for returnables, liquidity systems for management of revenues from deposits, maintenance systems and logistical syst...

  • Stiftelsen Returgass

    Horgenveien 227 3303 HOKKSUND91540073

  • Storm Halvorsen AS

    Klinestadmoen 5 3241 SANDEFJORD33423630

  • Tomra Systems Asa

    Drengsrudhagen 2 1385 ASKER66799100

    More than 50,000 TOMRA reverse vending machines for beverage containers are in operation in 40 countries around the world, recovering approximately 30 billion used cans and bottles each year for recycling.

  • Agder Returpapir AS

    Industritoppen 14 4848 ARENDAL37098500

  • Agenturhuset Salg AS

    Industriveien 6 1473 LØRENSKOG22262321

  • Autoretur AS

    Økernveien 99 0579 OSLO22075250

  • Bioplan Norge AS

    Postboks 443 5751 ODDA53651900

  • Cleanair AS

    c/o Marthinsen Trading AS Nordåsbrotet 2 5235 RÅDAL55541080

  • Europress AS

    Gilhusveien 5B 3426 GULLAUG33374400

  • Fosen Gjenvinning AS

    Stokksundveien 1432 7177 REVSNES72534430

  • Franzefoss Gjenvinning AS

    Olav Ingstadsv 5 1351 RUD67152000

  • Gips-recycling Norge AS

    Nedre Torvgate 18 2815 GJØVIK61161650

  • Haugaland Interkommunale Miljøverk

    Haraldseidvågen 288 5574 SKJOLD52765050

  • Hellik Teigen AS

    Loesmoveien 1 3300 HOKKSUND32252700

  • Infinitum AS

    Karenslyst Allé 9C 0278 OSLO22121520

  • Lunde Resirkulering AS

    Jærveien 338 4322 SANDNES51687500