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  • SAR AS

    Oljevegen 5 4056 TANANGER51944444

    SAR AS is a specialist in Total Waste Management from all Oil & Gas activities such as drill cuttings treatment, OBM slop treatment, oil recovery, crude oil sludge treatment, oil contaminated soil treatment, pit remediation, tank cleaning and oil wat...

  • Norconsult AS

    Vestfjordgaten 4 1338 SANDVIKA67571000

    Norconsult is one of the Nordic region’s leading interdisciplinary consultancy firms and the largest in Norway, with operations extending over four continents. The company has 3 100 employees and is headquartered outside of Oslo. Norconsult has a b...

  • Green Business Norway

    Uniongata 18 3732 SKIEN90863349

    Green Business Norway is a professional organization acting on behalf of enterprises in the Environmental Energy & Technology sector.


    Veritasveien 1 1363 HØVIK67579900

    DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment...

  • Lloyds Register Consulting - Energy AS

    Drammensveien 169 0277 OSLO40003500

    Lloyds register Consulting contributes to technical and management-oriented solutions that protect people's lives and health, protect the external environment against pollution, and increase asset enhancement and productivity. The company’s team of p...

  • Cambi AS

    Skysstasjon 11A 1383 ASKER66779800

    Cambi AS provides profitable and advanced waste and sludge treatment systems, focused on maximizing energy production and minimizing final product mass. Cambi biogas plants have double the normal organic loading and are very compact. The resulting di...

  • Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO02694

    COWI AS is one of Norway’s leading multi-disciplinary consulting companies with more than 700 employees in Norway and abroad.

  • Emisoft AS

    Fjøsangerveien 50D 5059 BERGEN55304500

    Emisoft AS develops and supplies TEAMS – an EMIS software application – and environmental consultancy services. Working at the crossroads between environmental services and IT, Emisoft has in-depth expertise in environmental technology, and provides ...

  • Norplan A/s

    Kjørboveien 20 1337 SANDVIKA21585000

    NORPLAN is a multidisciplinary consulting partnership that combines the resources of more than 1150 of Norway's leading engineers, planners and management consultants.

  • Brimer Eiendom AS

    6087 KVAMSØY70015500

    Tunor SA is a newly established joint venture company with 50% Tunisian and 50% Norwegian ownership. The two Norwegian owners are Brimer Kvamsøy AS and Vestfold Plastindustri AS. Tunor SA will establish sales and marketing offices and a modern produc...

  • Delitek AS

    Moloveien 8432 ALSVÅG76185760

    Delitek AS was established in 1991 and has since then developed and produced a series of stainless-steel waste disposal compactors specially designed for use onboard ships, on offshore installations and also for the land-based fish industry.

  • Lindum AS

    Lerpeveien 155 3036 DRAMMEN32210900

    Based on 'a tired old rubbish heap' and the belief that it is possible to create jobs and a viable business based on environment-friendly waste treatment, Lindum Ressurs og Gjenvinning was founded in 1997. Today, Lindum is a small 'corporation' with ...

  • Seut Industrier AS

    Landskaugveien 33 1914 YTRE ENEBAKK69368770

    ut Industrier AS, based in Fredrikstad, was initially established as a shipyard for chemical tankers in 1916. Since that time, Seut Industrier’s market focus has shifted to specialized manufacturing of industry-related products.

  • Teamtec AS

    Nyvei 41 4900 TVEDESTRAND37199800

    TeamTec AS is a leading manufacturer of marine incinerators, stripping ejectors and fire-rated windows. The company’s environment-friendly operations are based in Tvedestrand, a popular holiday resort and harbour on the southern Norwegian coast. Team...

  • Aquateam Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO22358100

    Aquateam is an independent, environmental consultancy, specializing in water-related services. The company conducts R&D and consultancy projects for the petroleum sector and has 30 years of experience from the NCS. Aquateam addresses operational and ...

  • Energos AS

    Kvenildmyra 5 7093 TILLER73877300

    The ENER-G Group delivers sustainable and energy efficient solutions worldwide. ENERGOS ASA, based in Norway, is the Group’s specialist in gasification technology and a leading supplier of small-scale Energy-from-Waste plants, which provide a local s...

  • Jets Vacuum AS

    Myravegen 1 6060 HAREID70039100

  • Melbu Systems AS

    Sminesgata 3 8445 MELBU76118300

    Melbu Systems AS is a provider of smart solutions that increase the customers profitability. They are recognized for good service, quality and reliability.

  • Nammo AS

    Enggata 37 2830 RAUFOSS61153600

    NAMMO AS is a world-leading supplier of ammunition, missile products and demilitarisation services. The Nammo Group has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the USA. Nammo’s operational structure is divided into four stra...

  • Nammo Nad AS

    Moshaugan 6 7332 LØKKEN VERK72497080

  • Norges Miljø- Og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (nmbu)

    Universitetstunet 3 1433 ÅS64965000

    The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) aims to be a central actor in environmental and biological science in the areas of biology, food, environment, land and natural resource management, and all of the aesthetic and technological subjects t...

  • Stiftelsen Returgass

    Horgenveien 227 3303 HOKKSUND91540073

  • Tomra Sorting AS

    Drengsrudhagen 2 1385 ASKER66799100

    Titech Visionsort AS provides the recycling industry with practical, efficient and economical solutions for the automatic sorting of various waste fractions. The company began developing its beverage carton sorter in 1993 as a subsidiary of FERD. Tit...

  • Entech Ba

    Kråkerøyveien 23 1672 KRÅKERØY69340625

    Entech is a network of Norwegian companies producing environmental technology covering a wide range of equipment and services. The business concept is to promote and support business possibilities through joint measures within environmental technolog...

  • Eurovironment AS

    Strømsveien 102 0663 OSLO22129697

    Eurovironment was established in 1999 and provides Norway’s only secure recycling service for redundant IT and EE equipment. As specialists in the field, Eurovironment knows that this kind of hardware cannot be treated like other electric and electro...

  • Finnmark Gjenvinning AS

    Amtmannsnesveien 40 9515 ALTA78440066

  • Henriksen Oljetransport AS

    Mekjarvik 8A 4072 RANDABERG51516390

  • Maritime Waste Management AS

    Omagata 110C 6517 KRISTIANSUND N71572200

  • Miljøteknikk Terrateam AS

    Tungtransportveien 19 8626 MO I RANA75144950