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  • Tine Sa

    Lakkegata 23 0187 OSLO03080

    TINE SA is the leading supplier of dairy products in Norway, and is a cooperative owned by more than 14.000 Norwegian farmers. They produce renown products such as Jarlsberg® and Snøfrisk®.

  • Eurosupply AS

    Litleåsvegen 77 5132 NYBORG55394660

    We offer a full range delivery and services withing the maritime and offshore industry

  • AS Nestlé Norge

    Fornebuveien 7 1366 LYSAKER67817400

  • Diplom-is AS

    Brennaveien 10 1481 HAGAN02001

    Diplom-Is AS is the largest ice cream producer in Scandinavia. The company is a 100 % owned subsidiary of TINE AS, the Norwegian dairy cooperative. Diplom-Is produces some 37 million litres of ice cream per year at three different plants in Norway. T...

  • Kavli International AS

    Postboks 7360 5020 BERGEN55100000

    The Kavli Group is a food company with an emphasis on healthy and convenient products for modern consumers. Every year a great number of innovative products of a high quality are developed. Even though Kavli is best known on international markets for...

  • O Kavli AS

    Sandbrekkevegen 91 5225 NESTTUN55100000

  • Synnøve Finden AS

    Henrik Ibsens gate 60C 0255 OSLO23334400

    Synnøve Finden Cheese Factory was founded by Synnøve Finden in Oslo in 1928. The company has roots in a Norwegian dairy-cultural heritage, which has been cultivated and adapted to successfully thrive in the modern age. In 2000 Synnøve Finden ASA was ...

  • Alna Margarinfabrik AS

    Treveien 5 1540 VESTBY22285159

  • Den Blinde Ku AS

    Drøbakveien 380 1433 ÅS64974300

  • Follese Eiendom AS

    Vestre Lindhaugen 1 5303 FOLLESE56152500

  • Heidal Ysteri AS

    2676 HEIDAL61234140

  • Hennig-olsen Is AS

    Hannevika 4613 KRISTIANSAND S38001100

  • Kulinaris AS

    Trollåsveien 8 1414 TROLLÅSEN66800250

  • Normilk AS

    Sjøgata 4 7600 LEVANGER74085600

  • Rørosmeieriet AS

    Sollihagaen 2 7374 RØROS72413500