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  • Institute for Energy Technology

    Instituttveien 18 2007 KJELLER63806000

    The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway’s leading international energy research institute, carries out market- and technology-driven activities. Established in 1948, the Institute has a staff of 600, and an annual turnover of some $140 mill...

  • Immunocorp Consumer Health AS

    Enebakkveien 117 A 0680 OSLO81559247

  • Takeda AS

    Drammensveien 852 1383 ASKER66763030

    Nycomed Pharma sources, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals. The company has 36 sales and marketing offices in 18 European markets, including Russia and the CIS. Nycomed Pharma is headquartered in Roskilde, Denmark.

  • Weifa AS

    Østensjøveien 27 0661 OSLO22998600

    Weifa is a leading provider of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to the global pharmaceutical industry. The offering is centered on two key products: Metformin for use in diabetes II medication and Opioids for use in pain treatment.

  • Orthogenics AS

    Sykehusvegen 21 9019 TROMSØ77611112

    Orthogenics is an innovative biotech company located in Tromsø, Norway. The company’s breakthrough findings could revolutionize the understanding of the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis (OA), hereby providing hope for millions of people, with a prom...

  • Pharmaq AS

    Skogmo Industriområde Industrivegen 50 7863 OVERHALLA23298500

    PHARMAQ is the only global veterinary pharmaceutical company with a primary focus on aquaculture. With nearly three decades of experience, PHARMAQ has a solid foundation for future challenges. Established in July 2004 as a Norwegian veterinary pharma...

  • Xellia Pharmaceuticals AS

    Silurveien 2 0380 OSLO22529000

    Alpharma is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to making medicine accessible by breaking down the barriers between medicines and those who need them. In a world where the cost of medicine is rising and many are deprived of adequate health care, Alpha...

  • Alere AS

    Kjelsåsveien 161 0884 OSLO24056600

  • Algeta ASA

    Postboks 54 Kjelsås 0411 OSLO23007990

    Algeta ASA is a privately held company founded in 1997 by Dr. Roy Hartvig Larsen and Dr. Øyvind Sverre Bruland, combining ground-breaking expertise within the fields of oncology and radiochemistry. Algeta ASA (formerly Anticancer Therapeutic Inventio...

  • AS Den Norske Eterfabrikk

    Karihaugveien 22 1086 OSLO22782600

  • Astrazeneca AS

    Fredrik Selmers vei 6 0663 OSLO21006400

  • Fageråsen AS

    Eterveien 12 0690 OSLO22782600

  • Gc Rieber Oils AS

    Teistholmsundet 6 6512 KRISTIANSUND N71683000

  • Pci Biotech AS

    Ullernchausséen 64 0379 OSLO67115400

  • Polynor AS

    Brennerigata 3 2815 GJØVIK61138930

  • Spermatech AS

    Gaustadalleèn 21 0349 OSLO92885883

  • Yggdrasil Norge Ole Jørgen Belboe

    Brattøra Pir II 13B 7010 TRONDHEIM73929496