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  • Institute for Energy Technology

    Instituttveien 18 2007 KJELLER63806000

    The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway’s leading international energy research institute, carries out market- and technology-driven activities. Established in 1948, the Institute has a staff of 600, and an annual turnover of some $140 mill...


    Veritasveien 1 1363 HØVIK67579900

    DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment...

  • Sopra Steria AS

    Biskop Gunnerus' gate 14A 0185 OSLO22575600

    With cross-border travel, crime and fraud now easier than ever, biometric technology offers a reliable and cost effective way to manage identities for security and authentication purposes.

  • Opera Software AS

    Gjerdrums vei 19 0484 OSLO23692400

  • Cowi AS

    Karvesvingen 2 0579 OSLO02694

    COWI AS is one of Norway’s leading multi-disciplinary consulting companies with more than 700 employees in Norway and abroad.

  • Hiddn Security AS

    Nedre Vollgate 4 0158 OSLO38104480

  • Intelecom Group AS

    Vollsveien 2B 1366 LYSAKER21493050

    Intelecom Group AS is a leading provider and system integrator of communications solutions for businesses.

  • Norconsult AS

    Vestfjordgaten 4 1338 SANDVIKA67571000

    Norconsult is one of the Nordic region’s leading interdisciplinary consultancy firms and the largest in Norway, with operations extending over four continents. The company has 3 100 employees and is headquartered outside of Oslo. Norconsult has a b...

  • Simpli Software AS

    Meierisvingen 2C 1383 ASKER+4740602560

    Simpli Software delivers Management software built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Our systems cover all areas of requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and other ISO-related standards. The systems are easily tailored according t...

  • Emisoft AS

    Fjøsangerveien 50D 5059 BERGEN55304500

    Emisoft AS develops and supplies TEAMS – an EMIS software application – and environmental consultancy services. Working at the crossroads between environmental services and IT, Emisoft has in-depth expertise in environmental technology, and provides ...

  • Alcatel-lucent Norway AS

    Martin Linges vei 25 1364 FORNEBU67188400

    Alcatel Telecom Norway AS is Norway’s leading telecommunications company and is an important centre of competence within the Alcatel Asthom group itself, specializing in digital switching, network management and information security. The company prov...

  • Bas Engineering AS

    Myrabakken Næringssenter - Bygg 2 6010 ÅLESUND70150360

    BAS engineering provides services within estimation of weight and centre of gravity during design and construction of ships and software development for the marine industry.

  • Birdstep Technology Asa

    Brynsveien 3 0667 OSLO24134700

    Birdstep Technology was established on August 1st 1996, and works with the convergence of industries such as IT, telecom and the media – a convergence that creates valuable opportunities for companies such as ours. Birdstep Technology owns 33% of...

  • Capgemini Norge AS

    Karenslyst allé 20 0278 OSLO24128000

    Cap Gemini Norway AS is the largest IT company in Norway, with more than 25 years of experience in computer and software development, and associated services ranging from consultancy to major turnkey projects. Typical projects involve software develo...

  • Computas AS

    Akersgata 35 0158 OSLO67831000

  • Deadline2online AS

    Inkognitogata 33 0256 OSLO90080123

  • Fronter AS

    Edvard Griegs vei 3 5059 BERGEN24149999

    Fronter, a Pearson company, is a leading developer and provider of a platform for teaching, learning and working together online.

  • Ifs Norge AS

    Skysstasjonen 11 1383 ASKER66907300

    IFS is one of the world’s leading providers of component-based business software developed using open standards. Optimized for ERP, enterprise asset management, and MRO, IFS’ solutions provide tangible business benefits that offer customers faster pa...

  • Infosoft AS

    Østensjøveien 36 0667 OSLO23897080

  • Norsar Innovation AS

    Gunnar Randers' vei 15 2007 KJELLER63805900

    NORSAR is an independent research institute specializing in research, services and software development related to seismology and applied geophysics. NORSAR is responsible for some of the world’s largest infrastructures for recording earthquakes and ...

  • Norsync Technology AS

    General Birchs gate 16 0454 OSLO92607098

    Advanced database technology has not been available for mobile devices. Until now. A few well known global companies sell Database Management Systems (DBMS) for mobile units. But they all lack the speed and the advanced features to really make anythi...

  • Software Innovation AS

    Rolfsbuktveien 4C 1364 FORNEBU23899000

    Document Management Solution for Engineering and Construction

  • Spectec AS

    Karenslyst allé 8B 0278 OSLO67525550

  • Teleplan Globe AS

    Fornebuveien 31 1366 LYSAKER67127000

    Teleplan is one of the leading privately owned consultancy and systems development companies in the world of telecom, media, and information technology. We are experts when it comes to exploiting the potential in people and technology. We analyse. We...

  • Tyrholm & Farstad AS

    Grimmergata 5 6002 ÅLESUND70116300

  • 3m Norge AS

    Tærudgata 16 2004 LILLESTRØM06384

  • Abc Startsiden AS

    Kirkegata 17 0153 OSLO22808580

  • Acams AS

    Olaf Helsets vei 6 0694 OSLO23134440

    ACAMS AS is a Norwegian Private Limited Company established in Oslo, Norway. Suppliers of integrated Airport Tower Solutions.

  • Adra Match AS

    Brugata 19 0186 OSLO21300000

  • Advista AS

    Nydalsveien 36 0484 OSLO81550165