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  • Christian Michelsen Research AS

    Fantoftvegen 38 5072 BERGEN55574040

    Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR) performs contract R&D in cooperation with industry and research partners in Norway and abroad. Its activities range from technological research and development to the construction of prototypes and commercializat...

  • Matre Maskin AS

    Brubakken 52 5420 RUBBESTADNESET53427744

    Matre Maskin is located in a maritime environment at Rubbestadneset on the west coast of Norway. We have a modern machining facility and 18 skilful employees. The average age of the production machines in our workshop are six years. All the engineeri...

  • Alminor AS

    Mogan 23 3650 TINN AUSTBYGD35081111

    Alminor has a complete hygienic storage range in aluminium, plastic and stainless steel. A wide standard assortment permits accurate adaptation and efficient use of space.

  • Tks Mekaniske AS

    Torlandsvegen 3 4365 NÆRBØ51436300

  • Malm Orstad AS

    Vollvegen 66 4354 VOLL+4748221000

    Malm Orstad AS, established in 1946, is an independent subcontractor specialized in the mechanical sector of the offshore and onshore industry. The company’s main areas are engineering, machining, assembly and hydraulics. Malm Orstad offers a complet...

  • Smart Farm AS

    Støperigata 2 4014 STAVANGER51595915

    An independent Norwegian company, Smart Farm AS prides itself on supplying unique patented solutions for the growing, husbandry and harvesting of mussels. The company provides a system for on-growing, a machine for husbandry and harvesting work, and ...

  • Bryne Winch AS

    Nordlysvegen 5 4340 BRYNE51772070

    BMS Davinci produces tailor made hydraulic and electrical driven CTUW (constant tension umbilical winches) and AHCUW (active heave compensated umbilical winches).

  • Enwa Water Technology AS

    Nordre Kullerød 9 3241 SANDEFJORD33488060

    Safe drinking water, clean process water, corrosion prevention and energy efficiency in piping are some of the areas where our knowledge and products are adding value to our customers.

  • Hydroenergi AS

    Sivesindvegen 3 2827 HUNNDALEN41540400

    Hydroenergi AS is a private Norwegian company specialized in engineering, procurement, production and delivery of Norwegian turbines and systems for small hydroelectric power plants in the range of up to 30 MW.

  • Aarbakke AS

    Håland Vest Langmyra 1 4344 BRYNE51777000

  • Fosstech AS

    Borgeskogen 7 3160 STOKKE004733335300

  • Hordafor AS

    Salthella 5397 BEKKJARVIK56181850

  • Marin Supply AS

    Bankløkka 12 3183 HORTEN33083308

    Marin Supply AS has, through more than 35 years in the industry, become known as Scandinavia's leading supplier of warning signals for the industrial, marine and offshore markets. We also supply a lot of other things.

  • PE Bjørdal AS

    Torvmyrane 21 6160 HOVDEBYGDA70047250


  • Alfsen Og Gunderson AS

    Brynsveien 5 0667 OSLO22707700

    Alfsen og Gunderson AS (AG) specializes in air drying and water treatment technology. Since the 1960s, the company has supplied the maritime sector with dehumidifiers and air dryers based on sorption technology.

  • Amatec A/s

    Vik 6230 SYKKYLVEN70245200

    AMATEC AS is a leading manufacturer of machines for mounting gill nets to floating and sinking lines and machines for joining nets. The company exports these machines worldwide and has customers in Canada, China, India, Scotland, Greece and Italy, a...

  • AS Nortrade

    Kirkegata 6 4610 KRISTIANSAND S38023079

    For more than 15 years AS Nortrade has supplied worldwide Active Rust Primer 662 SG. It is a waterborne anticorrosive primer and rust converter for the commercial shipping industry, and is designed to solve the most diffcult areas onboard in coating ...

  • Becotek AS

    Katfos 3360 GEITHUS32782900

  • Brødr Berntsen AS

    Hensmoveien 43 3516 HØNEFOSS32109770

  • Delitek AS

    Moloveien 8432 ALSVÅG76185760

    Delitek AS was established in 1991 and has since then developed and produced a series of stainless-steel waste disposal compactors specially designed for use onboard ships, on offshore installations and also for the land-based fish industry.

  • Efd Induction AS

    Bølevegen 10 3724 SKIEN35506000

    EFD Induction has to date installed thousands of heating solutions for a vast range of industrial applications - bringing the benefits of induction technology to many of the world’s leading manufacturing and service companies.

  • Egersund Net AS

    Svanavågveien 30 4374 EGERSUND51462960

    Egersund Net is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of seine nets and services for the fish farming business. Our quality is based on years of experience in which safety for our customers is high-lighted.

  • Ernex AS

    Bjørnstadgata 7 1792 TISTEDAL69178330

  • Ikm Haaland AS

    Skogateigen 28 4362 VIGRESTAD51792000

    IKM Haaland AS is today one of Norway’s biggest and most modern companies within sheet metal production. The company handles most material qualities by means of the newest automated production technology. The machinery consists of modern laser mac...

  • Knuro AS

    Kokstadvegen 44 5257 KOKSTAD48996678

  • Loyds Industri AS

    Bredmyra 3 1739 BORGENHAUGEN69971500

    Founded in 1952, Loyds Industri AS has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing mechanical and technical products for various industrial enterprises, specializing in safety equipment and conversions for the automotive industry.

  • Maritime Partner AS

    Breivika industriveg 65 6018 ÅLESUND70171565

    Maritime Partner AS is one of the world’s leading designers and suppliers of work boats, fast rescue boats, patrol boats and daughter craft to the international maritime and offshore industries, as well as military and institutional users.

  • Metallco Aluminium AS

    Einavegen 971 2843 EINA61198770

    We produce secondary aluminium foundry alloys from aluminiumscrap - we recirculate aluminium. Our capacity is today about 13.000 tons pr year of foundry alloys and 5000 tons of tolled scrap.

  • Mustad Autoline AS

    Raufossvegen 40 2821 GJØVIK70107590

    Mustad Longline AS is a Norwegian supplier of technology for the global longline fishing fleet. The company is a spin-off of O.Mustad & son, the world's leading fish-hook manufacturer established in 1832. Longlining is a highly sustainable fishing me...

  • Thrane & Thrane Norge AS

    Cort Adelers gate 16 0254 OSLO67244700

    Nera SatCom is a world leading supplier of products and solutions for the Inmarsat satellite system,and a leading manufacturer of equipment based on the DVB-RCS broadband standard via satellite.