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  • Uni Research AS

    Nygårdsgaten 112 5008 BERGEN55585000

    Uni Research is one of the largest R&D institutions in Norway with more than 500 highly-qualified staff from over 30 different nations.

  • Christian Michelsen Research AS

    Fantoftvegen 38 5072 BERGEN55574040

    Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR) performs contract R&D in cooperation with industry and research partners in Norway and abroad. Its activities range from technological research and development to the construction of prototypes and commercializat...

  • Universitetet I Bergen

    Muséplassen 1 5007 BERGEN55580000

    The University of Bergen (UiB) is a world-class institution in the field of marine research and education, often described as the “blue” university since marine science is one of its main priority areas. This point of interest derives naturally from ...

  • Ewos AS

    Tollbodallmenningen 1B 5004 BERGEN55697000

  • Krüger Kaldnes AS

    Nordre Fokserød 9 3241 SANDEFJORD91608000

    Krüger Kaldnes AS manufactures reactors for the biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. The patented Kaldnes® Moving Bed Biofilm Process is more stable, compact and efficient than comparable processes, and unrivalled even in com...

  • University of Nordland

    MØRKVEDTRÅKKET 30 8049 BODØ75517870

    Located in Bodø, on the coast and above the Arctic Circle, the University of Nordland (UIN) offers the ideal environment for studies and research in marine biosciences. The Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture (FBA) is one of four faculties at UIN,...

  • Havforskningsinstituttet

    Nordnesgaten 50 5005 BERGEN55238500

    The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) is a leading research institute within the areas of marine ecosystem management, marine resources, marine environment and aquaculture. The Institute has an excellent infrastructure, including seven research vess...

  • Niri AS

    Gate 1 234 6700 MÅLØY92422933

    Norwegian company Niri has built the world’s biggest land-based tank for growing full size fish

  • Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet Ntnu

    Høgskoleringen 1 7034 TRONDHEIM73595000

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is not only a landmark in Trondheim, but is also one of the city’s largest employers and property owners. NTNU is the second-largest university in Norway, with 20,000 students and 3,800 employ...

  • Telcage AS

    c/o Telenor Otto Nielsens veg 12 7052 TRONDHEIM73543819

  • Aqua Gen AS

    Havnegata 9 7010 TRONDHEIM72450500

    Aqua Gen AS is a major provider of genetically improved seed for the salmon industry in Norway, with considerable export also to Chile and the United Kingdom. The company’s main product is fertilized eggs of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout. Hatcher...

  • Stiftelsen Sintef

    Strindvegen 4 7034 TRONDHEIM73593000

    The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. The group generates new knowledge and solutions for its customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social scienc...

  • Universitetet I Tromsø - Norges Arktiske Universitet

    Hansine Hansens veg 18 9019 TROMSØ77644000

    The University of Tromsø (UiT) has 6,600 students, a staff of 1,900 and a budget of NOK 1.6 billion, of which some 25% comes from external financing. The curriculum consists of more than 100 study programmes, including language and cultural studies, ...

  • Biosentrum AS

    Professor Olav Hanssens vei 15 4021 STAVANGER51875262

    Biosentrum has more than 15 years of experience as a contract research (CRO) and a contract manufacturing (CMO) company. Originally built and owned by Statoil, Biosentrum was subsequently fully acquired by RF-Rogaland Research and Rogaland Science Pa...

  • Centre For Aquaculture Competence AS

    Hundsnes 4130 HJELMELAND21562300

  • Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures


    The Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures (CeSOS, in Norwegian "senter for skips- og havkonstruksjoner") was established as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) i...

  • Møreforsking AS

    Postboks 5075 6021 ÅLESUND70111600

    Møreforsking AS is a research institute located on the northwestern coast of Norway. It's three departments conduct research related to the entire value chain of marine resources as well as community planning, welfare, logistics, business and transpo...

  • Osland Havbruk AS

    5962 BJORDAL57710102

  • Rapp Marine AS

    Nordstrandveien 41 8012 BODØ75550100

    Rapp Hydema AS is developing and manufacturing equipment to supply dech machinery for the marine, oil&gas and fishing industries.

  • Sintef Fiskeri Og Havbruk AS

    Brattørkaia 17C 7010 TRONDHEIM40005350

    Part of the SINTEF Group. View main profile for full presentation.

  • Standard Norge

    Mustads vei 1 0283 OSLO67838600

    A neutral and independent member organization, Standards Norway (SN) is the Norwegian member of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and CEN (European Committee for Standardization). SN has the exclusive rights to develop and publ...

  • Sterner AS

    Anolitveien 16 1400 SKI64859420

  • Stiftelsen Nansen Senter For Miljø Og Fjernmåling

    Thormøhlens gate 47 5006 BERGEN55205800

    The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center is a private non-profit environmental and climate research foundation affiliated with the University of Bergen. The Nansen Center’s vision is to make a significant contribution to the understanding, ...

  • Fupe Systems AS

    Røssøyvågvegen 2A 6480 AUKRA71173001

  • Hefring AS

    Kavringen brygge 3 0252 OSLO67174500

  • Kontali Analyse AS

    Nordmørsveien 54 6517 KRISTIANSUND N71683300

  • Nasjonalt Institutt For Ernærings- Og Sjømatforskning (nifes)

    Strandgaten 229 5004 BERGEN55905100

    The National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) is a research institute with administrative duties, affiliated with the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs. NIFES’ research focus is nutrition: feed for fish – and fish...


    Muninbakken 9-13 9019 TROMSØ77629000

  • Norsk Institutt For Vannforskning

    Thormøhlens gate 53D 5006 BERGEN22185100

    The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway’s national competence centre for environmental issues related to both fresh water and marine water. NIVA is a private research foundation and is the largest interdisciplinary applied water r...

  • Patogen Analyse AS

    Rasmus Rønnebergs gate 21 6002 ÅLESUND70116900