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  • Citec Norway AS

    Olav Brunborgs vei 4 1396 BILLINGSTAD90887748

  • Tine Sa

    Lakkegata 23 0187 OSLO03080

    TINE SA is the leading supplier of dairy products in Norway, and is a cooperative owned by more than 14.000 Norwegian farmers. They produce renown products such as Jarlsberg® and Snøfrisk®.

  • Algea AS

    Omagata 78 6517 KRISTIANSUND N71580950

    Algea AS has been supplying seaweed (kelp) products throughout the world for over 40 years. The company’s best-known product is its seaweed powder VIALGIN, which is used as a feed additive in the aquaculture industry. VIALGIN enhances feed efficiency...

  • Norner AS

    Asdalstrand 291 3962 STATHELLE35578000

  • Bioprawns AS

    Hamneset 9068 NORD-LENANGEN77713130

  • Eurosupply AS

    Litleåsvegen 77 5132 NYBORG55394660

    We offer a full range delivery and services withing the maritime and offshore industry

  • AS Nestlé Norge

    Fornebuveien 7 1366 LYSAKER67817400

  • Drytech AS

    Evjenvegen 130 9024 TOMASJORD77600300

    Customized field rations are Drytech’s main products with freeze-dried meals providing user nutrition for 24 hours. Advantages include different sizes and calorie levels that are adjusted to temperate, tropic and arctic climates along with lightweigh...

  • Macks Ølbryggeri AS

    Muségata 1 9008 TROMSØ77624500

    Mack Ølbryggeri AS is the world’s northernmost brewery. Founded over 125 years ago by a German baker who sought to explore the Arctic wilderness, the company is based in Tromsø, on the shores of the Arctic Sea. Combining the best of German beer cultu...

  • Ådne Espeland AS

    Skurvemarka 5 4330 ÅLGÅRD51611600

  • Din Baker AS

    Grini Næringspark 4B 1361 ØSTERÅS67111260

  • Diplom-is AS

    Brennaveien 10 1481 HAGAN02001

    Diplom-Is AS is the largest ice cream producer in Scandinavia. The company is a 100 % owned subsidiary of TINE AS, the Norwegian dairy cooperative. Diplom-Is produces some 37 million litres of ice cream per year at three different plants in Norway. T...

  • Gusto Tradizionale AS

    Holmenveien 50D 0376 OSLO99410924

  • Hoff Sa

    Bryggevegen 3-5 2821 GJØVIK61131100

  • Kavli International AS

    Postboks 7360 5020 BERGEN55100000

    The Kavli Group is a food company with an emphasis on healthy and convenient products for modern consumers. Every year a great number of innovative products of a high quality are developed. Even though Kavli is best known on international markets for...

  • Kraemer Maritime Holding AS

    Stakkevollveien 33 B 9010 TROMSØ77663580

  • Laguna Produkter AS

    Bentsrudveien 8 3083 HOLMESTRAND33078501

  • Millba AS

    Luksefjellvegen 217 3721 SKIEN35540700

  • O Kavli AS

    Sandbrekkevegen 91 5225 NESTTUN55100000

  • Opus Ingredients AS

    Leirvikflaten 9 5179 GODVIK55501515

  • Standard Norge

    Mustads vei 1 0283 OSLO67838600

    A neutral and independent member organization, Standards Norway (SN) is the Norwegian member of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and CEN (European Committee for Standardization). SN has the exclusive rights to develop and publ...

  • Synnøve Finden AS

    Henrik Ibsens gate 60C 0255 OSLO23334400

    Synnøve Finden Cheese Factory was founded by Synnøve Finden in Oslo in 1928. The company has roots in a Norwegian dairy-cultural heritage, which has been cultivated and adapted to successfully thrive in the modern age. In 2000 Synnøve Finden ASA was ...

  • Telemark Kildevann AS

    Molandsmoen Industriområde 3870 FYRESDAL35067060

  • A. Idsøe Holding AS

    VERKSG 3/5 4013 STAVANGER51893505

  • Åkeberg Skoglunn Pølsemakeri AS

    Professor Birkelands vei 28 1081 OSLO23378360

  • Alf Strøm-larsen AS

    Vogtsg 53 Torshov 0477 OSLO22093180

  • Alna Margarinfabrik AS

    Treveien 5 1540 VESTBY22285159

  • Arctic Rein og Vilt AS

    Postboks 3138 8603 MO I RANA75122300

  • Arcus AS

    Destilleriveien 11 1481 HAGAN22975500