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  • Norsk Hydro Asa

    Drammensveien 264 0283 OSLO22538100

    Hydro is a Fortune 500 energy and aluminium supplier founded in 1905, with 36,000 employees in nearly 40 countries. Hydro is a leading offshore producer of oil and gas, the world's third-largest integrated aluminium supplier and a pioneer in renewabl...

  • NTP Products AS

    Trosvikstranda 46 - 48 1608 FREDRIKSTAD69383000

    Norsk Teknisk Porselen Products AS is an independent Norwegian based company, which operates in many market segments. Since its foundation in 1916 NTP AS has developed gradually to gain its present position as one of the leading suppliers of electro ...

  • Brødrene Dahl A/s

    Brynsengveien 5 0667 OSLO

    Brødrene Dahl (BD) is Norway's largest piping wholesaler. BD works within the areas of HVAC, sanitation systems, industry, tools and refrigeration.


    Veritasveien 1 1363 HØVIK67579900

    DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment...

  • Elkem ASA

    Drammensveien 169 0277 OSLO22450100

    Environmentally responsible production of materials - silicon, silicones, ferrosilicon, foundry alloys, carbon materials and microsilica.

  • Oshaug Metall AS

    Grandfjæra 20 6415 MOLDE71201100

    Nickel aluminium bronze (NiAl bronze) is one of the world’s most invaluable engineering alloys and is the material of choice for high-performance ship’s propellers. This complex and high-alloy bronze is, technically speaking, one of the most challeng...

  • Ølen Betong AS

    Ølensvåg 5582 ØLENSVÅG53775200

  • Astrup AS

    Haavard Martinsenv 34 0978 OSLO22791500

  • Grotnes Steel AS

    Terminalveien 8626 MO I RANA75126777

  • Metallco Aluminium AS

    Einavegen 971 2843 EINA61198770

    We produce secondary aluminium foundry alloys from aluminiumscrap - we recirculate aluminium. Our capacity is today about 13.000 tons pr year of foundry alloys and 5000 tons of tolled scrap.

  • Norsk Stål AS

    Birkedalsveien 65 4640 SØGNE66842800

    Norsk Stål is the leading steel- and metal distributor in Norway. The company was established in 1823. To day we have twelve sales offices around the country. We also have an export department; export@norskstaal.no (47 66 84 28 00). We work with...

  • Oster Pukk Og Sand AS

    Eikemovegen 3 5994 VIKANES56357700

  • Saint-gobain Byggevarer AS

    Sandstuveien 68 0680 OSLO22887700

  • Scana Industrier Asa

    Strandkaien 2 4005 STAVANGER51869400

  • Titanium Industries Norway AS

    Fagernes 4 5043 BERGEN55392230

  • Topro AS

    Rambekkvegen 1 2816 GJØVIK61134600

    Totenprodukter AS produces practical technical aids for people with unique mobility needs. Established in 1966, the company employs 280 people. It collaborates closely with users, designers and physiotherapists to manufacture rolling walkers, serving...

  • Trallnor AS

    Nordlysvegen 5 4340 BRYNE51770100

    TrallNor is one of the leading manufacturer of wheelbarrows and manual snow moving equipment in Scandinavia.

  • Ulefos Jernværk AS

    Jernværksvegen 12 3830 ULEFOSS35949600

    Ulefos has been manufacturing and selling cast iron products for over 350 years. Today we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of cast iron gully tops in Scandinavia. Ulefos has long tradition of delivering quality products; the Ulefos stove, mo...

  • Alustar AS

    Joav 4097 SOLA51719430

    The ALUSTAR scaffolding system is built on the highest HSE requirements, creating a good working environment with documented cost efficiency. High quality material, unique profile design and assembled without welding on specially developed ALUSTAR pr...

  • AS Rockwool

    Gjerdrums vei 19 0484 OSLO22024000

  • Bdt Viken AS

    Vestre Braarudgate 2 3181 HORTEN33378999

  • Betomur AS

    Minde allé 35 5068 BERGEN55594450

  • Bewi Produkter AS

    Hammarvikringen 64 7263 HAMARVIK72448888

    Since its establishment in 1979, BeWi Produkter AS has been an innovative and quality-minded supplier of EPS (expanded polystyrene) to the Norwegian food industry. BeWi Produkter has a factory and headquarters located in idyllic Frøya in South Tronde...

  • Celsa Steel Service AS

    Vitaminveien 5B 0485 OSLO23393800

  • Frekhaug Stål AS

    Kråkeneset 5 5918 FREKHAUG56174340

  • Gurskøy AS

    Industrivegen 20 6080 GURSKØY

  • Jogra Steinindustri AS

    Skadalsveien 414 1747 SKJEBERG69148080

  • K A Rasmussen AS

    Birkebeinervegen 24 2316 HAMAR62512710

  • Metso Norway AS

    Borgeskogen 15 3160 STOKKE33361000

  • Nli Solutions Holding AS

    Nybruveien 3055 KROKSTADELVA46461000