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  • Arctic Group Maritime AS

    3./4. etasje Cort Adelers gate 16 0254 OSLO22330040

    Arctic Group Maritime AS is a Norwegian seafood exporting and trading company. They mainly bring unprocessed and semi-processed fish and shellfish as well as ready meals to the industry and consumers World-Wide.

  • Seaborn AS

    Sandviksbodene 66 5035 BERGEN55334050

    Seaborn’s unique position as a sales organization for Norwegian fish farmers helps secure the company the best-quality fresh salmon and fjord trout all year round. The company is headquartered in Bergen and has 26 full-time employees, along with a sa...

  • Sekkingstad AS

    Skaganeset 5382 SKOGSVÅG56319300


  • Hofseth International AS

    6140 SYVDE70102630

    HOFSETH’s products come from Norway’s best and most sophisticated farmers, with the best sites in the clean, deep Norwegian fjords. They are farmers who know that a prerequisite for farming fish is to work in harmony with nature. HOFSETH only uses 10...

  • Norsk Sjømat AS

    Svemorka 6200 STRANDA70268880

    Norsk Sjømat Group is a fully integrated salmon specialist, controlling the complete value chain, from farming, processing and value adding, to the market. The companies that make up the Norsk Sjømat Group are specialized in different areas of the va...

  • Norway Royal Salmon Asa

    Ferjemannsveien 10 7042 TRONDHEIM73924300

    Located in Kristiansand and Trondheim, Norway Royal Salmon AS has merged old family companies specializing in salmon farming and sales. The company has been a leading player in the Norwegian fishing industry for many years and is now one of the large...

  • Mathias Bjørge AS

    Årset 6057 ELLINGSØY70100920

  • NFA AS

    Tromsøysundvegen 16 9020 TROMSDALEN90704400

    Norwegian Fish Auction – Purchase and sale of fish. A keystroke away.

  • Ståle Nilsen Seafood AS

    Storgata 23 8430 MYRE76119520

    Ståle Nilsen Seafood's main products are frozen bottom fish from the North Atlantic. They work closely with the Norwegian and Russian ship-owners, who also are our main suppliers of bottom fish. The main market for their products are Norway, EU, C...

  • Bravo Seafood AS

    Strandgata 15 6905 FLORØ57009300

    THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE SALES TEAM FOR SALMON AND TROUT IN NORWAY to ensure profitability for our suppliers and customers.

  • Nordlaks Produkter AS

    Industriveien 14 8450 STOKMARKNES76118100

    Nordlaks was founded in 1989, and is today a fully integrated company producing, processing and selling high quality Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout world-wide. The headquarters is situated in Stokmarknes in Northern Norway, as is the state of the ...

  • Drevik International AS

    Storgata 4 6002 ÅLESUND70134500

    Strategicaly located in Norway's major fishery port, Drevik International AS specializes in trading seafood raw-materials to the industry both in Norway and on world wide basis.

  • Ice Fish AS

    Strandvegen 106 9006 TROMSØ77501100

    Ice Fish AS is an exporter of fresh, frozen and salted white fish from northern Norway. The company’s staff administrates operations from its office located in Tromsø. Ice Fish aims to serve as a proponent for increasing value creation in the norther...

  • Global Trade AS

    Fredrik Selmers vei 6 0663 OSLO

    Global Trade AS focuses on sustainable fisheries, quality and availability throughout the year.

  • Lorentz A Lossius AS

    Skippergata 17 6507 KRISTIANSUND N+4771572050

  • Alinco AS

    Krossern 18 1513 MOSS69277068

    Alinco AS is a family owned trading company situated in Moss, Norway. Moss is about 60 kilometres south of Oslo, the capitol of Norway. The company was established in 1998, and we have more than 10 years of experience in the international seafood bus...

  • Carisma Seafood AS

    Maritim Park 6710 RAUDEBERG57852915

    Carisma is a supplier of MSC-certified line-caught Cod and Haddock. Carisma also catches Ling, Tusk, Redfish, Catfish, Greenland Halibut, Monkfish, Saithe, Atlantic White Halibut and other species.

  • Cod-export AS

    Keiser Wilhelms gate 24-26 6003 ÅLESUND70101790

    Cod-Export offers dried salted fish of various kinds.

  • Marine Harvest Norway AS

    Sandviksbodene 77AB 5035 BERGEN21562300

    Marine Harvest is the largest salmon farmer in both Norway and the world, and farms salmon in Norway, Chile, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. In addition to providing a broad range of salmon products to over 70 countries around the world, Marine Harvest...

  • Smart Farm AS

    Støperigata 2 4014 STAVANGER51595915

    An independent Norwegian company, Smart Farm AS prides itself on supplying unique patented solutions for the growing, husbandry and harvesting of mussels. The company provides a system for on-growing, a machine for husbandry and harvesting work, and ...

  • Sotra Fiskeindustri AS

    Porsvika 57A 5381 GLESVÆR56327900

    Sotra Fiskeindustri AS’s smoked salmon products – marketed globally under the Sotra Seafood brand name – are recognized throughout the world for their quality and taste. The company has exported its smoked salmon products to all major world markets s...

  • Jangaard Export AS

    Rasmus Rønnebergs gate 21 6002 ÅLESUND70134320

  • Nergård AS

    Strandtorget 3 9008 TROMSØ77667530

    Nergård AS is an integrated fishery group whose business activities includes catching, processing and sales. The company’s products are sold to markets throughout the world from its location, north of the Arctic Circle. Nergård has about 440 employee...

  • Niri AS

    Gate 1 234 6700 MÅLØY92422933

    Norwegian company Niri has built the world’s biggest land-based tank for growing full size fish

  • Nordic Group AS

    Dronningens gate 15 7011 TRONDHEIM73991850

  • Norfra Eksport AS

    Strandvegen 106 9006 TROMSØ77602400

    Norfra AS produce and export about 12000 tons each year from the North of Norway, main products being fresh white Fish, Whole Fish and fillets.

  • Ocean Products Sales AS

    Sjøvikvegen 55 6475 MIDSUND004798811128

    Ocean Products specializes in production of pelagic fish.

  • Polar Quality AS

    Sjøgata 21 8006 BODØ75541830

    Polar Quality is an international salmon exporting company. The company’s owners and suppliers represent companies involved in the entire life cycle of salmon, from hatcheries to smolt production and production of fish for consumption. This allows th...

  • Salmar Sales AS

    7266 KVERVA72447900