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Bremnes Seashore takes over first concrete barge from Steinsvik

The concrete barge has been developed, 

Steinsvik Group AS

The concrete barge has been developed, designed and built in Norway. Steinsvik and Dokk Husøy will cooperate on delivery of the barge.

About the barge
The concrete barge has been developed, designed and built in Norway. Steinsvik and Dokk Husøy will cooperate on delivery of the barge. The barge will be supplied with a feed capacity of 600 tonnes distributed over eight silos and one eight-line central feeding system, type FeedStation. Feeding and camera surveillance are controlled from a large bank of screens supplied with a specially designed chair from Steinsvik, placing the technician in the driving seat. The barge design has capacity for 16 lines and is supplied with Steinsvik’s silage system, including the coarse grinding mill developed by the company. In addition, the delivery includes Steinsvik's barge control system providing an overview and control of hatches, generators, tanks and bilge pumps. The barge measures 40 x 20 metres and will be located at Jørstadskjæret in Ryfylke.

Steinsvik Group AS


Local production
“Barges have been an important part of our product range for some time now,” explains Tor Henrik Haavik, Director of Sales at Steinsvik. “Over the years, we have delivered some 250 barges, but this is our first concrete barge. The concrete market has remained stable for many years, and with the development of this product, we are confident that future demand will be good. It is also very rewarding, for both us and the customer, that the barge has been produced in Norway, in fact, only a few minutes’ drive from our head office.”

Steinsvik Group AS

More concrete models
Truls Opsøen is Project Manager for barges at Steinsvik and led the project to build the concrete barge. “We can supply our concrete barges in a range of sizes and with different equipment and furnishings. They can also be delivered with one to three floors. The barge purchased by Bremnes has a large storage facility with a strong sliding door, changing rooms, bathrooms, corridors and a washroom. It also has a spacious and modern lounge area with plenty of natural light and providing a good overview of the fish farm. Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a meeting room seating six persons are also installed on the barge. From the large control room, you have direct access to the silo deck, which is equipped with Steinsvik's remote-controlled counterweight hatches. Below deck, there is also a switchboard room, HVAC plant room and blower room. We have now started work on the production of our second concrete barge and this one will have a different configuration. The platform can be adapted to customer requirements and location, so we are very much looking forward to building many barges in the future,” confirms Truls Opsøen.

Steinsvik Group AS

Different barges for different purposes
“The increased focus on remote operation will result in varying requirements for barges depending on whether the barge location is central or purely a feed station,” continues Tor Henrik Haavik. "Large concrete barges will increasingly be used as bases in a network of barges remotely controlled from land or from a centre barge. We can also deliver concrete barges in a range of sizes. All our barges are designed for remote operation. The server room and network structure are integrated when the barge arrives at its designated location. The customer also has the option of fitting the barges with complete systems for control and surveillance of feed systems, generators, tank status, hatches and ballast system. We can even provide a monitoring system for doors and an indoor camera system providing a full overview without being physically present on the barge.”

Steinsvik Group AS

Bremnes Seashore very satisfied
“We are delighted to be taking delivery of such a high-quality barge,” confirms Ernst Olav Helgesen, Technical Director for the maritime division in Bremnes Seashore. “The barge has actually exceeded our expectations. It is truly impressive to see how they have realised all the details we have been working on throughout the project. This feed barge will be important for us as a show window, and we will be using it to show customers and in connection with recruitment. We are looking forward to showing off such an impressive product. The barge will also be a great place to work, and our Operations Manager is very happy and can't wait to get to work on the barge. This is a major boost for the fish farming division in Bremnes Seashore.”

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