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Interested in a complete overview of the Norwegian seafood industry, including products, origin, buying, selling, peparation, tips and tricks? Try the new content resource fromnorway.com, powered by the Norwegian Seafood Council. 

The fromnorway.com site will help industry members and buyers of Norwegian seafood explore and understand the full Norwegian seafood value chain. This includes the whole process from fisheries and production to tips for preparation.  



The site delivers content in an engaging format. This is to simplify and contextualise complex subjects such as provenance, aquaculture, sustainability, quotas and stock management, fishery policies, supply chain, taste and quality.

fromnorway.com is created by the Norwegian Seafood Council, and they introduce it as being a 'platform of compelling online information.' By making information on the Norwegian industry accessible, it is easier to get a full understanding of what the the process to take seafood from the ocean to the table involves. 



The website shares information about all the major seafood exports, salmon, cod, mackerel and herring. Through four acadamies stocked with information, the user can easily find the most relevant infromation. 

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