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Three women and software

Training was defined as one of the key risks in our operations.

Three women in aquaculture really made a difference when working together to develop a high quality Fishtalk training course for Cermaq’s biological production. Shannan Brown, HR Director at Cermaq Canada explains how they took training to a whole new level working together with AKVA group

Akvagroup Asa

The project has been ongoing since April 2017 and is a collaboration between AKVA group and Cermaq. HR Manager at Cermaq, Shannan Brown, explains that training has been a very important area of focus for Cermaq and she praises the results as she emphasis that working closely together is what made the project so successful.

“Training was defined as one of the key risks in our operations. Without quality data, which comes from competent input, we could compromise the quality of decisions we made based on that data, so the project has been very important to us,” says Shannan Brown. The three women behind the project was Deja Coupe (Assistant Production Analyst, Cermaq Canada, Laura Windatt (FishTalk Consultant AKVA Group North America & Australasia) and Shannan Brown, HR Manager at Cermaq. Together they brought their strengths into the task of developing a whole new way of training staff in the Fishtalk software and how to utilize it within the biological production.

They approached training using quality tools too; training database, manuals, training computers and well-designed case studies and exams. All combined, this resulted in some of the highest quality training Cermaq has ever offered their staff.

“The outcome has been far better than what we could ever expect and we all accomplished something new. Deja received Fishtalk training customized with three levels available (beginner, intermediate & advanced). Laura received information about designing training and a tool for building curriculum for other AKVA clients and finally I was able to showcase what quality training truly is”, says Shannan.

This project is a great example of how we work to fulfill Cermaq Canada’s global strategy “Great Partnerships” and AKVA group’s vison “Technology for Sustainable Biology” as well as two of the values - customer focus and aquaculture knowledge.

“Working together we achieved more. We took training to a whole new level in Cermaq, and this will truly set us up for Great!” says Shannan enthusiastically.

"Fishtalk data is integral to our operations as it provides us up to the minute data from remote locations. Knowing our people are trained to maximize its use is just good business sense so that from farm or hatchery to the office we are connected." Cermaq Canda Managing Director, David Kiemele concludes.

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