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  • Citec Norway AS

    Olav Brunborgs vei 4 1396 BILLINGSTAD90887748

  • Tine Sa

    Lakkegata 23 0187 OSLO03080

    TINE SA is the leading supplier of dairy products in Norway, and is a cooperative owned by more than 14.000 Norwegian farmers. They produce renown products such as Jarlsberg® and Snøfrisk®.

  • Algea AS

    Omagata 78 6517 KRISTIANSUND N71580950

    Algea AS has been supplying seaweed (kelp) products throughout the world for over 40 years. The company’s best-known product is its seaweed powder VIALGIN, which is used as a feed additive in the aquaculture industry. VIALGIN enhances feed efficiency...

  • Norner AS

    Asdalstrand 291 3962 STATHELLE35578000

  • Bioprawns AS

    Hamneset 9068 NORD-LENANGEN77713130

  • Eurosupply AS

    Litleåsvegen 77 5132 NYBORG55394660

    We offer a full range delivery and services withing the maritime and offshore industry

  • AS Nestlé Norge

    Fornebuveien 7 1366 LYSAKER67817400

  • Drytech AS

    Evjenvegen 130 9024 TOMASJORD77600300

    Customized field rations are Drytech’s main products with freeze-dried meals providing user nutrition for 24 hours. Advantages include different sizes and calorie levels that are adjusted to temperate, tropic and arctic climates along with lightweigh...

  • Macks Ølbryggeri AS

    Muségata 1 9008 TROMSØ77624500

    Mack Ølbryggeri AS is the world’s northernmost brewery. Founded over 125 years ago by a German baker who sought to explore the Arctic wilderness, the company is based in Tromsø, on the shores of the Arctic Sea. Combining the best of German beer cultu...

  • Ådne Espeland AS

    Skurvemarka 5 4330 ÅLGÅRD51611600