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January 31, 2017

Norway, a constitutional democracy in Northern Europe, has a population of 5.25 millions. Norway has an extensive coastline of 25 148 km, and is famous for nature attractions like fjords, mountains and midnight sun.

Official name Kingdom of Norway
System of government Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy
Head of State Harald V, King of Norway
Head of Government Prime Minister Erna Solberg
Area 385,186 square kilometres
Population 5, 252, 166 inhabitants (2016)
Largest cities Oslo (capital), Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger
Languages Norwegian (the two forms bokmål and nynorsk) and Sami (official language in six municipalities)
Religion Church of Norway (Protestant Christianity) 78%; Catholic 1.3%; Pentecostal Christian 0.8%; other Christian 3.5%; Muslim 2.0%; other, none, or unknown 14.4%
National day 17 May (1814, Constitution Day)
Currency Norwegian kroner (NOK)

1 kroner = 100 øre
1 EUR = NOK 9.28,
1 USD = NOK 8.39 (2016)

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