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Aqua Energy Solutions AS is a technology company based in Haugesund, Norway. It’s all about exploiting the world’s vast tidal resources and producing renewable energy at cost competitive prices. The company has developed a new, innovative and patented technology for the production of energy from currents and tidal streams. Tidal energy is a predictable source of renewable energy, and has a significantly higher energy density compared to that of air.

AES’ business goal is to become a major technology supplier to electricity producers and project developers world wide. The company consists of a team with extensive knowledge and experience from R&D and the subsea industry.

The AES advantage

Most competitors in the market focus on different types of tidal current turbine concepts. Due to cavitation, turbines have size limitations which constraint the maximum possible swept area of each turbine unit. Many units (turbine farms) are therefore needed to cover large areas. In addition most tidal stream turbines are mounted on the seabed. As tidal currents tend to be strongest near the surface, seabed based technologies may not fully utilize the full potential of a tidal stream.

In comparison AES’ technology has no theoretical size limitations and can be installed close to the surface, but yet deep enough so that the power plant does not interfere with boat traffic. This allows for a significantly larger swept area thus extracting correspondingly more energy from the tidal stream using a fairly simple and less expensive technology.

Company vision

There is a huge market potential for tidal energy production but this is still a highly underutilised resource. AES intends to become a leading company within the renewable energy sector by exploiting this resource with its patented current and tidal stream technology.

The company is looking for international partners and strategic investors to further develop the technology, and to take it from the development stages to internationalization.

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Energy Technology, Environment/Environmental Technology, Power Generation, Subsea equipment, Water Level Monitoring

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