AS Nortrade
Supplier of waterborn anticorrosive primer
Aluminium ship sections (deck panels, hulls)
Southern Norway

A tough adhesive primer that saves you time and money. No sandblasting, prolong paint intervals and no health hazard with Active Rust Primer 662 SG (an ENVIRO-COAT 2000 product).

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AS Nortrade

For more than 15 years AS Nortrade has supplied worldwide Active Rust Primer 662 SG. It is a waterborne anticorrosive primer and rust converter for the commercial shipping industry, and is designed to solve the most diffcult areas onboard in coating maintenance, ballast tanks, voids and decks as the first coat to the steel, upgrading the surface for the coating system to be applied. Today it covers more than 2 million square meters of steel. It is completely environmentally friendly and is established in the US market.

AS Nortrade

Active Rust Primer 662 SG

AS Nortrade, Norway distributes Active Rust Primer 662 SG for the world fleet with main stocks in Rotterdam, Dubai, Singapore, Houston, Vancouver, Piraeus and Kristiansand. Packages come in drums of 24 litres (25 kg) and are ready for use.

Active Rust Primer 662 SG is a one-pack harmless water-thinable acrylic copolymer primer designed for application under special harsh marine conditions. Customers vary the surface preparation from ST 1 to SA 2.0 or equivalent standards by means of hydrojetting. Experience over 15 years has demonstrated that paint intervals are being prolonged even up to double that time by use of the primer and it has proved easier in the planning of the work.

Shipping companies like Bergesen Worldwide Gas ASA (BW Fleet) started trying out Nortrade’s product in 1995 and now uses it throughout most of its fleet. Frontline Ltd. started using the primer in the ballast tanks of three VLCC. Then they have added another 4 ships to its list of full ballast tanks upgrades with Active Rust Primer 662 SG.


  • Non hazardous acrylic based, rust impeding primer, designed for use in exposed marine and industrial environments – eliminates sandblasting
  • New standard for products for rust treatment – uniquely favourable for health
  • Extremely surface tolerant – strong attachment ability
  • Also fastens to polished metal surfaces, stainless steel, light metals and cast iron
  • Full compatibility – can be used together with all types of paint

Grace Distributing Inc.
Grace Distributing is Nortrade’s exclusive US distributor for Active Rust Primer 662 SG, where it has been sold under the LifeGuard Active Rust Primer trade name for over 3 years. Tugboats, barges, construction equipment, offshore oil rigs, manufacturing plants, port facilities, historic ships, museums, cars, trucks, farm equipment, marinas and many others have discovered the amazing benefits of LifeGuard Active Rust Primer in the US. It is a paradigm shift in protecting assets, saving time, money and the environment. LifeGuard Active Rust Primer has proven itself to be The Universal Primer. Grace Distributing distributes the world’s highest quality, environmentally friendly products with proven market success in overseas markets (

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