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For more than 25 years, Swedish producer Aura Light has concentrated on supplying long life products, in particular the Ultimate and the Super EX lamps with end-of-life safety, to the oil and gas market. The Aura range of fluorescent lamps made their mark on the oil and gas industry initially in Europe some years ago, out-performing the life of rivals by some three to four times.

The Environment
At the same time as giving financial and operational benefits to the end user, the installation of Aura products also benefit the environment.

With Aura products lasting three to four times longer than their rivals, waste, in the form of bio-accumulative mercury, is reduced. Packaging, production and associated CO2 emissions are also reduced, as is the need for transporting goods by road, air and sea. Aura also has a cooperation with the Climate Care organisation to make its products CO2-neutral.

The environmental saving is a major consideration of many clients who, through government and other legislation, are being encouraged to reduce their “carbon footprint” and make environmentally friendly changes to their businesses.

The Aura Sodinette Long Life Lamp
Aura has reached yet another milestone with the introduction of the first ever long life, high-pressure-sodium lamp (HPS), Aura Sodinette Long Life.

The Aura Sodinette Long Life lamp has a guaranteed service life of at least 48,000 hours, based on a 12-hour switching cycle when operated with magnetic ballast.

The product has two high quality super burners, enabling the lamp’s lifetime to be dramatically extended. The super burners are positioned precisely along the length of the lamp and are fixed in a stable holding system which resists vibration and leads to improved reliability. These super burners offer more lumen output (up to 147 lm/watt) compared to standard HPS lamps, resulting in higher light output and economic efficiency.

Diffusion of sodium from the burners has an important influence on the lifetime of the HPS lamps. Further developments by Aura have led to an important ceramic material to reduce this process substantially. Sodiguard, an additional ceramic tube, is placed close to the two burners to decelerate the sodium diffusion.

Aura is working very closely with several lighting manufacturers within the hazardous lighting industry to incorporate the new Aura Sodinette Long Life into their fittings whilst maintaining photometrical accuracy and overall performance. The lamp is being further developed to cater to the demands of the US Middle Eastern markets, where local standards, voltages and frequencies are used. Aura Sodinette Long Life is available in 50 W to 1000 W and tubular and ellipsoid and coated versions.

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