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Auto-Boks-Service AS (ABS) designed and produced Europe?s first luggage lockers over 50 years ago. Today, ABS? highly advanced lockers are in use throughout Norway and abroad in railway and bus stations, ferry terminals, airports, travel agencies, hotels, and sports facilities. ABS is the only European company that both produces and operates luggage lockers.

Product Development
ABS has always paid vigilant attention to quality assurance and continual product development and refinement. Operating many of its own lockers on a daily basis makes ABS keenly aware of the technical detail and quality needed for the best possible service and profitability.

E2000 Electronic Locker System
ABS? E2000 electronic locker system boasts the market?s most advanced automated lock. While each lock can be operated individually, the system also offers online contact to each individual mechanism from
a centralized PC.

The E2000 offers both high security and user-friendliness. After thorough in-use testing, the E2000?s popularity grew quickly with its 1997 installation at Stockholm?s central bus terminal. In 1999 ABS won the EU contract for luggage lockers at Stockholm?s central railway station, where the company has installed and now operates 1,200 E2000 units.

To accommodate various baggage types, ABS produces E2000 lockers in four sizes:

Small: with four compartments for tote bags, smaller pieces of luggage, etc.
Medium: with three compartments for suitcases
Large: with two compartments for backpacks, oversized luggage, etc.
Tall: for skis, golf bags, fishing rods, etc.

Time-saving Features for Owners
For owners/operators, the E2000 has an array of built-in administrative functions that simplify routines for accounting supervision, monthly statements, reports on locker usage, and more. Finished reports can be printed out daily and at month?s end. Electronic data transfer connections are included for joint collection and reporting.

During telephone support, ABS service personnel can connect via modem to the E2000 system in question. This capability also allows the transfer of new software via modem to a specific lock mechanism or PC.


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