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BIS Industrier AS is recognized as one of Norway’s leading suppliers of multidiscipline services within non-mechanical trades. “Lambda” is the brand name used on all products marketed under the BIS Industrier AS umbrella. Products are designed and documented for use in high risk environments – e.g. oil & gas, nuclear power plants and the process industry. They have been developed as a consequence of the highest demands from the Norwegian oil and gas industry (Norsok standard).

Lambda Products
Fire Jackets
These passive fire protection jackets are flexible, requiring less space and with less weight than tradition¬al PFP (passive fire protection) boxes and mantling. The F-Jackets are tested with Jetfire up to 350 kW/m². Most Norwegian installations use these F-Jackets as part of the top-side PFP system. The company has also delivered to international projects like Kashagan (Kasakhstan), South Pars (Iran) and Nuclear Power Plants (Sweden). The F-Jackets are recognized by professional engineers as a state-of-the-art PFP system.

Thermal Jackets
Thermal jackets are, along with F-Jackets, used for thermal, sound and personnel protection –
true multi-purpose jackets (class 1-4-6 according to Norsok standard) applicable in different production environments.

The BoltCare is a newly developed passive fire protection jacket on flanges. Most of the existing systems protecting the bolts on the flanges are complicated and untested in accordance with the latest Norsok requirements.

The Lambda BoltCare has recently been tested with satisfactory results up to 350 kW/m² and are also a far better flexible product with regards to maintenance & inspection on flanges. Latest deliveries are on the Snorre B platform, YME platform and even more installations are in the pipeline for BoltCare.

Pipe Penetration Seal
PPS are state-of-the-art penetration seals and passive fire protection for pool fires up to 60 minutes, A and H Class, and are more flexible than other seals in the market. The PPS is also tested for Jetfire – 350 kW/m². The seals make pipe inspection and maintenance more effective. The PPS can be tailor made to all penetrations through walls, deck, and are easy to install. The Lambda PPS is patented to BIS Industrier AS.

Flexible Sound Reduction System
Flexible sound dampers are mostly made as curtains surrounding the protection area. The Lambda sound reduction system consists of both curtains and installation system. The dampening effect is up to 20 dB in high frequency environment, and tested and approved according to the Norsok standard (class 6-7).

Flexible Personnel Protection Buffers
Industry environments can be hazardous for per¬sonnel – consider the scaffolding, cable trays and steel beams. Therefore the Lambda flexible protection buffers are popular and tailor-made for all kinds of protruding installations.

Lambda Products is currently developing a new product line, to be released by the end of 2009, including safety products and an insulation product for subsea constructions.

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