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Biosense Laboratories AS supplies products for analyzing the biological effects of exposure to pollutants and toxins in industrial products, food and wildlife. The Biosense concept comprises antibodies, antibody-based kits (immunoassays), and bioassays. The products have been developed for use in industrial safety laboratories, ecotoxicological testing laboratories and academic research laboratories involved in industrial product testing, effluent testing, environmental monitoring and ecotoxicological research.

Product Testing
Low-cost, easy-to-use Biosense antibodies and testing kits ensure reliable detection of toxins and toxicological effects in a large variety of fish species including the OECD test species rainbow trout, fathead minnow, zebrafish, medaka and common carp. The products are suitable for detecting effects both at an early stage of product development and during final regulatory product testing. The company offers antibodies and testing kits for detecting:

Endocrine disrupters
PCB and dioxin-like compounds
Heavy metals

Environmental Monitoring
Biosense antibodies and testing kits are ideal for detecting heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and other contaminants in rivers, lakes, estuaries, fjords, coastal waters, industrial areas, and more. The company provides antibodies and testing kits for:

Local and regional environmental monitoring
Effluent testing and monitoring

Food Safety
Biosense food safety products are being developed to meet the demand for sensitive, rapid and cost-efficient detection of pollutants and toxins in raw materials, processed food and drinking water. A new generation of products will be released in 2002 for detecting:

Algal toxins in shellfish
Dioxins and PCBs in feed and food products
Cyanobacteria in drinking water

Rigorous Quality Control
Biosense products are developed according to stringent quality criteria to ensure optimal performance, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Market Leader
Biosense Laboratories exports over 95 % of its production. The company maintains
its position as a global leader by regular in-house development, paying close attention to customer needs, and entering into licensing and collaboration agreements
with leading research institutions and biotechnology companies worldwide.

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