Clayton Scandinavia AS
Eastern Norway


Clayton Scandinavia AS has designed, manufactured and delivered reliable and safe heating systems for ships, offshore and onshore plants for more than 30 years. The company is considered one of the leading suppliers of such equipment for maritime installations and its main marine customers and cooperation partners are shipyards, shipowners and naval architect worldwide. For land based industries, Clayton Scandinavia’s steam generators are suitable for breweries, chemical industry, food and beverage, power plants and the fishing industry.

ORO Heating Systems & Operations
Clayton Scandinavia has delivered steam and ORO heating systems for more than 50 vessels during the last five years and they were built in Norway, Europe, the Far East and South America. The company is considered a leading supplier of such equipment for marine and offshore applications.

Clayton Scandinavia’s tank heating system for ORO operations is approved by the Norwegian Clean Sea for Operation Companies (NOFO). The system will also meet other operators’ requirements.

24-hour Service Worldwide
Clayton Scandinavia’s customers always have somewhere to turn to if they run into problems. The company provides 24/7 customer service worldwide through a network of representatives and agents.

Clayton Scandinavia takes many things into consideration in the projects that the company is involved in. Costs need to be minimized, and the products must be very reliable. Clayton Scandinavia’s products are very compact and easy to operate.

Products & Services
Clayton Scandinavia’s products and services include:
• Hybrid all-in-one boiler
• WHR (Waste Heat Recovery)
• Exhaust gas boilers
• ORO tank heating systems
• Oil and gas fired boilers
• Electrically heated steam and hot water boilers
• Steam generators
• Inert gas systems
• Complete heating systems for all kinds of vessels
• Containerised steam plants
• Servicing and spare parts worldwide


South America

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