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Coast Seafood ASCoast Seafood AS, established in 1994, has its headquarters in Måløy, Norway’s largest fishing port. It is the largest independent trading company for farmed Atlantic salmon and fjord trout worldwide. The company is active in more than 40 markets located mainly in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, North America and the Far East. In 2011 Coast Seafood revenues totalled NOK 2.5 billion, which made up 10% of all Norwegian farmed fish. The company has three branch offices – one in Bergen, Norway, one in Sydney, Australia and one in Boston, USA. Through the company’s headquarters and its branch offices, Coast Seafood is sourced globally with farmed salmon and trout from all the main producing regions. The company operates and owns two state-of-the-art processing facilities as well – one for harvesting, processing and production of smoked salmon and trout and one for processing of pelagic fish.


Product Range 

Coast Seafood’s products include:

• Atlantic salmon

• Herring (MSC)

• Fjord trout

• Mackerel (MSC)

• Cod

• Norwegian haddock

• Halibut


The company’s product focus has the following main criteria:

• Freshness, sustainability and traceability of raw materials

• Consistency in supply and quality

• Time and cost-efficient logistical solutions

• HACCP and stricter guidelines executed throughout production and processing

• Quality control implemented throughout the distribution chain

• Custom tailored product specifications and packaging solutions


Strengths & Strategic Positioning

Coast Seafood’s strengths and strategic positioning includes:

• Cost-effective – high volume

means low cost per kilo

• Customer-driven focus

• Innovative – new markets,

products and concepts

• Highly motivated and

experienced employees

• A professional sales channel

for small and medium-sized farmers


Value Added Product

Coast Seafood acquired Polaris in 2005 and established the Bergen office. Since then, sales of value added products have expanded rapidly. In 2010 Coast Sotrafish and Sotra Fiskeindustri merged. A substantial investment programme was fulfilled and it increased filet capacity dramatically. Additionally, Coast also has production programmes in the UK, Faroe Islands, Poland and Chile. There is a great variety in the product range. The company offers filets, portions, bellies, steaks, smoked and marinated products.

Business Focus & Vision

Coast Seafood’s business focus is on maintaining its position as a leading organization in the sales and marketing of seafood for the international and domestic markets. The company strives to achieve this through providing first-class products from the best independent farmers, as well as having a strong focus on achieving the correct business solutions for the industry and retail segment.

The company’s vision is to become the natural choice for seafood supplies through quality and innovation as well as building alliances with the best independent farmers.


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