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Dalseide Shipping Services AS (DSS) is one of the worlds leading makers and suppliers of high-quality mechanical maintenance products for the marine and offshore/onshore industry. The company is the manufacturer of the Rustibus brand of de-scaling equipment. Rustibus de-scaling machines are designed to remove rust, paint, cement and debris from ship, rig and pipe surfaces. With its head office in Austevoll, Norway, and subsidiaries in Antwerp, Belgium; Singapore and Houston, USA; DSS supplies its Rustibus de-scaling machines to customers worldwide.

Rustibus  Quick & Efficient
Rustibus de-scaling requires no special training to operate, and removes rust, paint, cement and debris at an average speed of 30 m2/hour. Rustibus is the only mechanical maintenance equipment that is able to deliver a standard for a clean surface and a steel profile that is accepted by NACE, SSPC and the SA standards authorities. The efficient scaling head delivers 200,000 blows per minute. A single operator with a Rustibus can de-scale and power brush corroded surfaces at less cost and with substantially less pollution than conventional methods.

Rustibus 030 – 3000 Angle De-Scaler
Rustibus 030 is a new handheld mechanical de-scaling machine from the Rustibus series. It is pneumatically driven and is based on the same rotating chain link system as used in previous Rustibus models. The wire brush system can be delivered as optional equipment.

Rustibus Pipe
The Rustibus Pipe is a new machine for de-scaling and cleaning outer pipe surfaces  360 in one operation. The machine can be used to maintain pipes onboard ships, oil rigs, at oil refineries and in all facilities where pipes are utilized.

The cleaning capacity of the Rustibus Pipe is up to 25 m2/hour, and a typical treatment leaves pipe surfaces clean to a level of SA 2.5. The Rustibus Pipe is air-driven.

Rustibus Vertical System – RVS
The RVS is a new, revolutionary design for de-scaling flat surfaces  preferably for box-shaped cargo holds and ship sides. With its unique simplicity and low weight, the RVS is easy to operate and move during operation. The system is designed to cover heights up to 25 meters and has a capacity of approximately 50 m2/hour. The RVS leaves surfaces clean to a level of SA 1.5.

DSS is well established in Norway, Belgium, Singapore and Houston. Dalseide Shipping Services AS is today a world leading maker and supplier of high quality mechanical maintenance products for the marine, oil and gas industry.

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