Hansvik AS
Mid Norway

Founded in 1965, Hansvik AS is a family-owned boatbuilding company located on the western coast of Norway. The company builds some 650 combi/sports-fishing boats a year. Hansvik boats range in size from 2.3 to 9 m, and all models are CE-certified by Det Norske Veritas.

Hansvik 900 Sport Cruiser
This elegant, 30-ft. (9-m) boat sleeps up to six people and contains two large double cabins, one of which has a washbasin. Both cabins have plenty of headroom for standing upright. The bathroom has a shower, electric toilet and washbasin. The saloon contains a large U-shaped sofa, a well-equipped galley and a driver?s seat with a multi-directional field of vision. The swimming platform can be reached from the afterdeck. This boat can do speeds of 15 to 28 knots using 180 to 350-hp engines. It features a reinforced hull and a winch compartment under the foredeck.

Hansvik 700 Combi
This well-equipped 23-ft. (7-m) boat is the flagship of the company?s combi-boat series. An all-purpose boat with two helm positions, the Hansvik 700 Combi is ideal for fishing, sporting activities or family trips. The self-draining afterdeck is equipped with foldaway benches and a swimming ladder. The saloon houses the driver?s seat, which has a hatch above it, and offers a sofa, a well-equipped galley and plenty of storage space. The bathroom contains a washbasin, an electric toilet and a septic tank. The boat sleeps up to four, and attains top speeds of 14 to 23 knots using 45 to 96-hp diesel engines.

Hansvik 600 Combi
This 20-ft. (6-m) boat is ideal for both professional and leisure use, with its large, self-draining, non-slip deck and two helm positions. The Hansvik 600 Combi has a well-equipped galley and sleeps up to three people. It accommodates engines ranging from 10 to 45 hp, and does 12 knots with its standard Yanmar 27-hp engine

Hansvik 560 Sport
This elegant, open, 18-ft. (5.6-m) boat features a centre console and is self-draining. Ideal for both high-speed sailing and fishing, its deep, V-shaped hull ensures easy handling, even in rough waters. The boat has seven stowage compartments and can carry up to nine passengers. It accommodates engines up to 130 hp, and does 38 knots with a 90-hp engine when carrying two people.

Hansvik 485 Sport
This streamlined, self-draining 16-ft. (4.85-m) boat features a double steering console and five stowage compartments. Its long side bench can be used for sunbathing as well as for storing fishing rods. The boat has a deep, V-shaped hull for excellent handling and seaworthiness. The Hansvik 485 Sport can be used with engines up to 60 hp for a top speed of 30 knots. Even with a 30-hp engine, the boat planes easily with three people on board.

Hansvik 455 Sport
This 15-ft. (4.55-m) boat is one of the best self-draining boats in its class. Its elegant lines and deep V-shaped hull make for safe, smooth sailing. An ideal family boat, the Hansvik 455 Sport carries up to five people and has high walls and a non-slip deck. There is a locker for the petrol tank and a separate aft compartment for the battery, as well as a locker in the bow. The boat comes with a steering console and windscreen. Designed for an engine of up to 50 hp, this boat does 35 knots with a 50-hp engine when carrying two people.

Hansvik 18 HT TF
This cost-efficient 18-ft. (5.5-m) boat carries up to ten passengers and is one of the most popular hardtops on the market. The hard top has a hatch at the front that allows easy, safe access to the foredeck. The sofa and table under the hard top convert into a berth, and there is plenty of storage space under all the benches. The Hansvik 18 HT TF comes equipped with lanterns, a canopy, a fire extinguisher, a handrail, a swimming ladder, and two guardrails in the bow. It accommodates engines up to 50 hp/40 kW, for a top speed of 26 knots with two people on board.

Hansvik 500 Fisker
This self-draining 16-ft. (5-m) boat seats up to five people and is well-suited for both fishing trips and leisurely excursions. It has a non-slip deck, an adjustable transverse seat, a moveable fish-and-equipment compartment, a separate bow compartment for the anchor and rope, and strong railings. The hull handles well and offers good directional stability. The Hansvik 500 Fisker comes equipped with a locking tank compartment, a self-draining engine room, a tow hook and a strong, PVC rubbing strake. Designed for use with an engine of up to 30 hp, it reaches a top speed of 22 knots with a 20-hp engine when carrying two people.


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