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CARDIAC Medical AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CARDIAC  which was established in 1991 as a spin-off from the institutions NTNU/SINTEF in Trondheim. CARDIAC has supplied system solutions for the oil & gas and process industries for the past 13 years. Though CARDIAC was originally a consulting company with a high level of expertise on data capture and system integration, the company has also focused on the development of IMATIS platform-based products since 1996. In the late 1990s the company decided to expand into the health care sector through the subsidiary CARDIAC Medical AS.cardiac225x353.jpg

Simultaneous Real-Time Information Access
CARDIAC discovered that the health care sector faces many of the same challenges as those faced by the process and oil & gas industries specifically, the need to capture, analyse and integrate large amounts of data from disparate sources, and to present and report this data. Information related to administrative and treatment routines in the health care sector is often extremely fragmented. Through its integration platform and modules, CARDIAC provides a link between isolated islands of information, enabling simultaneous real-time access for a network of different users regardless of their location.

CARDIAC Medical has developed expertise and products in close collaboration with clinical communities, particularly at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim where the company is now, in collaboration with Telenor, a chief supplier to the new university hospital. CARDIAC Medicals products include:

Patient Terminal  A multimedia bedside terminal addressing patient as well as clinical needs. It provides entertainment and information for the patient such as TV, video, the Internet, telephone and access to ones own journal. For the clinician, the terminal can be used to retrieve the patients journal, X-rays, lab results and the Patient Chart.

Patient Chart  A work surface and document showing the entire treatment process. The curve is also a document that interacts with medical technical devices and other specialist systems  including PAS, PACS/RIS, and LAB.

Message Server  Based on the IMATIS platform, the Message Server manages all communication in the hospital through the computer network  via PCs, patient terminals, PDAs and stationary telephones.

Maternity Computer System  IMATIS Natus is a complete maternity journal with a clinical database, a partogram, and data capture from CTG and reports.

This illustration shows how the IMATIS system architecture can be represented across three levels: the data capture/ integration of various data sources (medical technical devices, databases, etc.), the intermediary IMATIS Server and the users desktop (IMATIS Portal).


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