Macgregor Pusnes AS
Deck Machinery, Offshore Mooring Systems and Offshore Loading Systems
Anchor handling, mooring systems and deck machinery
Southern Norway

MacGregor Pusnes AS is a leading global supplier of marine and offshore products, and has grown to be a world leader in the design, engineering and supply of Pusnes Deck Machinery and Porsgrunn Steering Gear for marine applications, and Pusnes Mooring and Loading Systems for the offshore industry.

Preferred Partner

The aim of MacGregor Pusnes AS is to be more than just a supplier. The company’s vision is to be its customers’ preferred partner, based on the ability to understand their business and add value to their projects.

Main Business Areas

• Pusnes Deck Machinery

• Pusnes Offshore Mooring and Loading Systems

• Porsgrunn Steering Gear

• Woodfield Loading Arms

• Lifecycle Services


MacGregor Pusnes AS main office is located on the southern coast of Norway in the town of Arendal. The company has presided here since its founding in 1875. Pusnes has subsidiaries and branch offices in Porsgrunn, Norway,  UK, North America, South Korea, China, Singapore, Brazil,  and Dubai.




MacGregor supplies of all types of deck machinery and mooring systems for marine and offshore applications. In addition, MacGregor Pusnes portfolio includes state-of-the-art Pusnes Bow Loading Systems (BLS), equipment enabling shuttle tankers to receive and secure a mooring line and hose from an offshore production facility for offshore transfer of crude oil. MacGregor Pusnes also has extensive experience with Stern Offloading Systems (SOL), equipment installed at the stern of an FPSO/FSO enabling transfer of the mooring line and hose to a shuttle tanker for offshore transfer of crude oil.

Arctic Conditions

The entire range of Pusnes’ products have been further adapted for the harsh conditions of the Arctic and include additional safety features to protect the extremely sensitive Arctic environment.

Macgregor pusnesGlobal Lifecycle Services

Pusnes’ global Lifecycle Services has operation support centres at each branch office providing customers with support, service and spare parts when and where needed. When purchasing Pusnes equipment, the customer not only receives quality products, they also make an investment in the future, and Pusnes Lifecycle Services ensures that the investment reaches its full potential.

MacGregor Pusnes AS is proud of its history and for the opportunity to further develop the technology created by its engineers in the past. The company’s technology, combined with innovative thinking and solutions, allows it to continue making history.


Aker Pusnes AS


MacGregor Pusnes AS has Delivered Equipment to Harsh Environments for More than 100 Years



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