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The main objective in creating NCE Culinology is to strengthen the knowledge platform and capacity for innovation in the field of gastronomy and culinary differentiation for the benefit of Norwegian food production. The food cluster in Rogaland has deep historic roots in the production of agricultural-based food and seafood. In addition to a strong production side, the district has an acknowledged culinary environment and a well-established network in which industry, R&D institutions and the public authorities are working in close collaboration to develop the industry.

The development of market and framework conditions reveals two clear lines of development in the food market. Firstly, Norwegian food producers and suppliers are exposed to increasingly tough international competition both in Norway and abroad as far as pricing, quality and character are concerned. Secondly, the quality requirements for raw materials, traceability, ingredients, product characteristics, production conditions, profiling and market orientation are becoming increasingly demanding. This not only applies to skills within the typical culinary market segments, but also within the more volume-oriented grocery trade. It is becoming increasingly clear that the culinary dimension and the need to differentiate products are critical success factors at corporate level.

The vision for NCE Culinology is to raise the production environment and Norwegian food production to the top level in the European food quality markets in the next 10 to 15 years. The partnership behind NCE Culinology consists of: Bioforsk, Biomarin Vekst, EWOS Innovation, Fatland, the Norwegian Agricultural Purchasing and Marketing Co-Op for Rogaland and Agder, Finny Sirevaag, Fiskå Mølle, Fjordkjøkken, the County Agriculture and Forestry Office, the Culinary Institute of Norway, Marine Harvest Norway, Nofima Norconserv, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, section for small livestock research, Nortura, Prima Jæren, Rogaland Farmers’ Union, Rogaland County Council, Rogaland Science Park, Greater Stavanger Economic Development, Sparebank 1 SR-bank, TINE, the University of Stavanger. The Professional Forum for Food and Beverage is a contractual partner.

Initiatives & Projects
The guiding principle throughout the entire project period will be clarity in the building up and dissemination of knowledge. This will be achieved by means of four main activities:
• Basic knowledge
• Coordination – innovation-oriented R&D projects
• Innovation practice
• Other cluster-strategic common activities

Strategy & Objective
NCE Culinology functions as a professional catalyst and will be measured on its ability to increase the level of innovation and upgrade the professional and market-oriented skills within and between operators in the food and meal industry cluster. The objective is to further develop the quality of raw material production, specialize processing and increase value creation per investment factor.

© Tom Haga

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