Marine Harvest Asa
Production of atlantic salmon
Western Norway

Marine Harvest ASA is the world’s largest producer of farmed salmon.

The Undisputed Market Leader
With more than one fifth of global production of Atlantic salmon, Marine Harvest is the undisputed global market leader in salmon. The company farms Atlantic salmon in all major salmon regions in the world and is the largest producer in Norway, Chile, Scotland, Canada, Ireland and the Faeroes. In addition to processing fillets in the countries of origin, Marine Harvest has extensive value added processing activities in the US, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Chile. The product range is wide and includes coated seafood, ready-to-eat meals, delicious finger food and a variety of smoked seafood. In addition to salmon, the company also farms Sterling White Halibut in Norway.

Driven by Demand for Healthy Food
Salmon is a natural functional food, providing consumers with health benefits based on the total nutritional package ranging from unsaturated fatty acids, like the most important Omega3s, EPA and DHA, to essential vitamins and minerals. The strong demand for healthy food drives the growth of the salmon industry. In Marine Harvest all product development efforts support this key consumption driver. Taste, nutrition and trust make salmon a natural choice among consumers worldwide.

A Broad and Innovative Global Offering
From salmon farms and value added processing on three continents, Marine Harvest serves customers globally. The range of standards and product certifications provide safety and choice for customers. The extensive value adding processing of convenient, natural, healthy and fresh salmon products promotes consumer choice. Marine Harvest also offers a large range of other value added seafood products designed for end consumer convenience – in retail or foodservice, fresh and frozen. Marine Harvest continuously launches small and large innovations into its operations to achieve the mission to be the preferred supplier for its customers’ commercial seafood programmes.

Shaping the Industry
Marine Harvest is the result of mergers of strong companies and ‘down-to-earth’ people that have played important roles in shaping the salmon industry as we know it today. Being a large multinational company with an extensive network of dedicated people, gives Marine Harvest an advantage in sharing experiences and building competence for its customers.

Marine Harvest in brief:
• A large body of quality – experts in all steps of the operation assures food safety
• Large volumes of quality salmon guarantee availability
• A systematic approach to logistics increases predictability
• Attention to detail improves the company’s level of service
• A proactive and experienced
sales force helps shaping
the category. Clients
benefit from this, through
reduced production
downtime, increased
flexibility, improved yield
and better stability in their
• Marine Harvest strives to be
the preferred salmon
supplier to its customers in
industry, retail and foodservice

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