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Nergård AS

Nergård AS is an integrated fishery group whose business activities includes catching, processing and sales. The company’s products are sold to markets throughout the world from its location, north of the Arctic Circle. Nergård has about 440 employees. Approximately 150 of them work in the trawler company Nergård Havfiske AS, while the rest of them work for the various processing companies along the coast and in the sales and administration department at the head office in Tromsø.

Past, Present & Future

Nergård’s growth since 1947 has been slow but steady – starting out as a family business, and later becoming a group with national owners. The company owns trawlers and production companies from Lofoten to West Finnmark. The company continuously invests in our vessels and plants to always stay ahead of our competitors. Nergård focuses on profitability and development, so that the company will remain a leading player in the fishing industry in northern Norway in the future.

Fish from Clear Cold Waters

Nergård has access to world-class raw materials from some of the world’s most well-managed fish stocks, from inshore fleets, deep sea fleets and its own trawlers. The company produces products from groundfish such as cod, haddock and saithe, as well as Greenland halibut and redfish, and a range of groundfish species in modest quantities. Nergård supplies clipfish, salted fish and dried fish, in addition to fresh fish and fillets. The company also supplies headed and gutted frozen cod, satihe, haddock and Greenland halibut for further processing.

Nergård is northern Norway’s largest supplier of products from pelagic fish, such as herring, capelin and mackerel. The company has three modern MSC-certified factories that produce round-frozen and filleted products. Capelin roe also fall within our product portfolio.

What all the products have in common is Nergård’s proximity to the fishing grounds and the company’s integrated production chain, which enables us to deliver and process the freshest fish possible, translating the fish into an extremely high quality end product.


A great deal of the world’s fish stocks are under major threats due to overfishing and pollution. The sea along the coast of northern Norway and the Barents Sea, where Nergård catches its raw material, is clean and rich in nutrients. Some of the world’s largest and most well-managed populations of groundfish and pelagic fish are found here, which is why Nergård is aware of its responsibility to help conserve these areas so that future generations can reap the benefits of our common resources.

Health, safety and the environment are the prioritized focus and work areas in Nergård’s daily operations, both at the processing plant onshore and at the company’s fishing fleet. There is a high level of awareness in terms of efficient energy consumption, packaging and chemicals.

Picture: © Johan Wildhagen, Norsk Sjømatsråd.


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Capelin, Coalfish (Saithe), Cod, Greenland Halibut, Haddock, Herring, Mackerel, Pelagic, Whitefish

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