Nordic Defence & Security AS
Eastern Norway
Nordic Defence Supply AS (NDS) has more than 25 years of experience in representing foreign industry in our local marketplace. We are a trading & consulting agency offering the most modern and cost-effective solutions for the Army, Navy and Air Force and other professionals.
Nordic Defence Supply AS has experience combined with an extensive network of contacts within the Armed Forces and with Norwegian industry, providing an optimal basis for gaining detailed knowledge on programs relevant for the company’s foreign partners.
NDS has delivered defence materiel, directly or indirectly, within most categories of special equipment including:
• Weapons and ammunition
• Explosives and pyrotechnics
• Demining / EOD
• Personal soldier equipment
• Security and protection
• Vehicles
• Optical / electro-optical
• Simulation / command and control
• Life support equipment
NDS is part of the Simrad Optronics Group.
We offer advice and support on creating the best solutions for our local customers, and our capabilities include:
• Sales and Marketing
• Project planning and management
• Bidding processes and negotiations
• Spare parts and maintenance
• Customer support / ILS
• Industrial cooperation
• Political issues
• Public relations
Nordic Defence Supply AS seeks foreign partners interested in designing winning solutions for company customers.

Designing winning solutions


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accessories & ammunition
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