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NorDrill is a Norwegian-based company with regional offices located around the world including India, Venezuela and the UK. The company specializes in the production of some of the most advanced drilling equipment currently available on the market.

Products & Services
Top Drives

NorDrill’s Top Drives are capable of operating in Arctic conditions as low as -40ºC and in desert conditions as high as +50ºC, and they can operate on water and are environmentally friendly. The Top Drives are ideal for owners of compact rig systems in need of state-of-the art equipment. It is the smallest and most powerful Top Drive available in the world today and has been assembled in partnership with specialist component suppliers. The equipment is designed with several patented solution features, amongst others a quick dismountable main shaft solution enabling the operator to shift the main shaft within three hours.

Complementary Products
Following the successful launch of the Top Drive product range, NorDrill is now in the process of developing and manufacturing a complementary range of industry-leading product technologies, including:
• A new, patented rig work-over concept
• Snubbing units
• Water injection systems
• A mud system

The SpeedRig technology is a brand new, patented rig design and it is the most versatile and advanced quick “rig-up, rig-down” drilling system in the world. Rig up times are the fastest available, as are the drilling speeds and general performance. It can operate on water and is environmentally friendly. The SpeedRig concept is based on a combination of proven Norwegian offshore technologies organized in a unique new system. There is no vertical storage of pipes or casing and a complete 2000hp rig is more than 200 tonnes lighter than conventional rigs.

The rig concept can be utilized on land, barge and offshore rigs. Its design is also well skilled for multipurpose vessels as the complete rig can be folded together within just a few minutes in case of extreme weather conditions or during transport. When used on land the unit can be easily mounted on wheels so the substructure can be moved between nearby wells in the fully erected position, thereby saving time and cost. Additionally the rig can be quickly configured to allow for ship or semi-submersible mounted heave compensation conditions. The first rig is scheduled to be finished by end of 2009.

NorDrill has signed more than a dozen Top Drives contracts and five conventional land rig contracts. The company is aiming to sign its first SpeedRig contract within the year.

Other Services
NorDrill provides upgrades, refurbishment and recertification of its products on request. It can also provide an on-location support team with a dedicated engineer, equipment and spares. The satellite diagnostic system is available as an optional extra to keep downtime situations to a minimum.

NorDrill also offers professional training of rig crew and key personnel at its facilities and/or at the request of its customers.

Financial Support
We have developed an agreement with the Norwegian Export Credit Institution and the Norwegian Guarantee Institute for export credit. If you are a financially solid company and are able to supply acceptable references, we would be delighted to assist you in applying for a loan and guarantee for purchasing our equipment. Please note that you will need to complete a prequalification process before applying for the loan.

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