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The NHH group is the largest and most prestigious centre for research and education within the fields of economics, business administration and leadership development in Norway, with over 450 employees and combined revenues of more than EUR 50 million. NHH is an EQUIS accredited institution and is the Norwegian member of the prestigious CEMS global alliance in management education.

Dynamic Research Environment
The NHH group comprises the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) and its affiliated organizations the Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF) and the Administrative Research Institute (AFF).

Research activity has a very high status among faculty members, and NHH has been closely associated with some of the most significant developments in the fields of finance and economics. The list of internationally renowned alumni and faculty members includes Karl Borch, co-founder of modern risk theory, Jan Mossin, one of the fathers of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Finn E. Kydland, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2004.

Broad & Specified Research Focus
A dynamic network of formal and informal research groups brings together researchers from a range of fields to focus on specific issues of vital importance to both the Norwegian and global economies. These groups partner with international research networks, businesses and organizations to expand the frontiers of knowledge and to promote value creation and progress.

Faculty resources are organized into five academic departments: Accounting, Auditing and Law; Economics; Finance and Management Science; Professional and Intercultural Communication; and Strategy and Management.

Cross-disciplinary research centres focus on: branding; climate and energy, ethics and governance; financial economics and business analysis; food and resource economics; globalization; labour economics and education; taxation, entrepreneurship and growth; and tele and media. In addition, AFF carries out applied research in the areas of leadership and organizational development.

Publishing & Presenting at the Highest International Level
NHH group faculty members publish papers in leading international journals, and present their research at major international conferences. In addition to a busy programme of seminars and guest lectures from some of the foremost researchers and practitioners in their fields, the school hosts major national and international academic conferences.

The FIBE Conference, held at NHH in January each year, is the largest academic gathering in Norway within the field of business administration.


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