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Normex AS is a Norway based company specializing in environmental friendly and cost-effective treatment systems. There is nothing more important to the health of the world’s population than proper water and wastewater management and the protection of disease spreading. Normex AS is a Norway based company specializing in environmental friendly and cost-effective treatment systems for drinking water, wastewater and surface disinfection We are confident that you will find the Normex ozone systems or other systems in our product range to be among the highest yielding and most economical systems in the world.

Normex Desinfecta for RSW system. Cleaning and disinfection with the strength of Ozone

Fishing Vessel: Normex Desinfecta™ for RSW systems. RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water) is used as cooling media for sardines, herring, etc. High content of bacteria and organic material in the water can give both sanitation and technical problems. Normex Desinfecta™ uses ozone-enriched seawater to remove contaminants from RSW coolers, tanks and circulation systems. Ozone is the most effective cleaning and disinfectant agent for closed pipeline systems. Ozone-enriched seawater is circulated throughout the RSW system; ozonated water comes into contact with every surface in the system and carries out cleaning, removed bad odour and helps maintaining good sanitation. A clean circulation and RSW system means good lasting quality of the fish.
Live Fish Carriers Normex Desinfecta™ forWellboats.Live Fish Carriers Normex Desinfecta™ for Wellboats uses ozone-enriched sea water to disinfect tanks and circulation systems in accordance with applicable requirements. Ozone also reacts with organic materials and helps loosen contaminants. Normex can also deliver systems for disinfection of water from wells; the water is disinfected and discharged overboard with no environmental hazards. The system is based on Ozone and UV in combination. All systems are tailor made to meet customer’s needs. OXYGEN In addition to generate oxygen for the generation of ozone the oxygen generator can also be used to supply oxygen to the wells during fish transport, hence saving handling and storing of oxygen bottles. REGULATIONS The Normex DesinfectaTM system is well documented and meets all regulations set by the veterinary authorities. Our reference list is long and you will find our system installed in most modern fishing vessels in Norway.


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