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NR is a non-profit research institute that performs contract research in the following application areas and research fields:

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Norwegian Computing Center (NR) is a private, independent, non-profit foundation carrying out contract research for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and public organizations nationally and internationally. Development of methods and software for the petroleum industry has been a significant activity for more than 20 years.

The Department of Applied Research in Information Technology at the Norwegian Computing Center offers applied research within smart information systems, multimedia, information security, universal design, and e-inclusion. Multimodality is a key strategy to usable data services, and we participate in projects handling multiple platforms including mobile devices, PCs, and digital television. Our researchers have high scientific competence and broad industry experience. In addition to research our services cover concept studies, analysis, consultancy, prototyping, training, development, and evaluation.

The statistics department has comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of statistics, image analysis and pattern recognition. We are one of Europe’s largest and most competent groups within applied statistics and statistical-matematical modelling. We cover a broad spectrum of methods and are a world leader in some of these areas. The appropriate choice of method for the various problems is thus one of our strengths. Many calculations involve uncertainty and the accurate calculation of this parameter is an important speciality.

The petroleum statistics department works with 3D modelling of reservoirs and decision under uncertainty.

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Information technology

Information technology

Remote sensing and image analysis 

Remote sensing and
image analysis

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Petroleum producers on the Norwegian continental shelf can be proud of a very high degree of recovery. This is due to technological achievements such as the drilling of horizontal wells and good management of the production strategy. Reservoir simulators are software used for planning and forecasting oil and gas production. An important part of the input data to the simulators is a representation of the shape and properties of the porous rocks containing oil.

Norwegian Computing Center develops state-of-the-art methods and software tools for making realistic numerical representations of geology that are in accordance with collected seismic and well data. Cooperation with Roxar has made Norwegian Computing Center’s solutions for geological modelling available to a large number of customers worldwide through the software package Irap RMS.

Norwegian Computing Center currently has significant activity in modelling deep marine deposits (turbidites) where physical process models are
blended with stochastic models (Monte Carlo). This is carried out in cooperation with oil companies and geologists at the University of Bergen.

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Risk Assessment
Risk is an inherent part of any business, and the uncertainty in reservoir performance can jeopardize the profits of large investments. However, uncertainties can also be positive and offer the possibility of great potential. The excellent statistical and mathematical expertise NR can offer has two major advantages:
 Proper usage and combination of data and information reduces uncertainty
 The uncertainty can be quantified and thereby handled properly

NR uses and develops a wide set of tools for assessing uncertainty and risk, including spreadsheets and custom-made software.

Norwegian Computing Center has developed methods for modelling petroleum geology and ways of thinking that are now considered mainstream. The steady increase in computer speed means that increasingly complex and sophisticated approaches become possible, and the company is determined to take advantage of these opportunities.


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