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Avanced database technology for mobile devices
Eastern Norway
Advanced database technology has not been available for mobile devices. Until now. A few well known global companies sell Database Management Systems (DBMS) for mobile units. But they all lack the speed and the advanced features to really make anything but very limited applications. The unique patented Im/Mobile technology of Norsync Technology offers it all.
Norsync Technology’s Mission
Norsync Technology’s mission is to provide the tools and the technology required to efficiently distribute, share, utilize and update large amounts of structured data outside the office. Norsync Technology enables customers to keep their legacy systems, and liberate their data through integration, synchronization and replication.
Norsync Technology was established in 2001, but its roots go back more than 30 years.
Why Choose Norsync Technology?
• Unbeatable on time-to-market and cost-of-operation
• Four times the speed of any other DBMS
• Full client-server DBMS synchronization and filtering out-of-the-box
• Advanced constraint-handling made easy
• SQL, XML, ADO, .Net, Network Interface
• Runs on all current Microsoft platforms
• Strongest tools for development, maintenance and operation in the market
There is hardly any field of business, such as production, logistics, sales, retail, inspection, maintenance, service, investigation and rescue, where a vertical mobile solution can not greatly improve the efficiency of a great number of employees.
With the technology of Norsync Technology, it is uncomplicated to connect a company’s mobile employees to the existing IT systems of your organization.
In retail, Norsync Technology and its partners have delivered systems integrating the whole value-chain from ordering goods (with BARCODE reading) in each store through EDI directly to each supplier.
Norsync Technology has delivered advanced systems for service operations management, enabling service technicians to receive new jobs, complete their work with all technical information at their fingertips and finish all reporting, without going back to the office. At the same time, dispatchers can see the status of each job and, if relevant, the near real-time position of each service-car on a map (GPS).
Embedded software solutions represent another market for this unique technology
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