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Mechanica AS

Mechanica AS is a Norwegian multi-disciplined company with in-house capacity within engineering, CNC-machining and hydraulic assembly. The company’s main focus is on design and fabrication of remotely operated subsea tools, such as cleaning tools, seal handling/replacement tools, refurbishment tools, jacking tools as well as machining, drilling & cutting tools.

Subsea Equipment & ROV Tooling

Mechanica is a recognized supplier of ROV tooling solutions, specializing in hub cleaning, refurbishment and replacement of hub seals. Through the company’s products, it provides advanced, robust and dependable technology.

In order to reduce lead time when it comes to engineering and fabrication of purpose made tools, Mechanica has developed a number of standardized products and accessories.

Hot Stabs, Receptacles, Flex Joints & Standard ROV Handles

Mechanica has developed a complete range of hot stabs and receptacles in accordance with the ISO 13628-8A (API 17H) & API 17D standard. Bore and check valves are designed for high flow capacity and minimum pressure drop. Field proven flexible joints as well as standard ROV handles are always available from stock.

Subsea Lifting Anchors for ROV Installation (Patented)

These are designed to save ROV operation time and are vailable in several sizes with a capacity of 10, 13.5 and 30Te and with angle deviation up to 90ºfrom the direction of the drilled hole.

Subsea Worm Gear

Subsea worm gear are for use in ROV tooling applications where a compact, oil filled and compensated transmission unit is needed. They are available in three main sizes with numerous alternative ratios, output torque from 100Nm to 1500Nm.

Subsea Winch 50 kN

This is a compact winch that focuses on optimization of the weight/performance ratio to carry out demanding subsea tasks. It has a mall number of components, is oil filled and has a compensated transmission unit. The winches are outfitted with composite rope and they are a reliable and attractive product in the market.

Core Drill Tool for Subsea Structures

The core drill tool is designed to drill Ø100 mm holes in subsea structures by operation from ROV. It has a robust hydraulic transmission, is easy to install and the tool is fastened to the base by activation 4 pcs magnets, alternatively with suction pads or clamping.

ROV Operated Small Bore Hot Tapping Tool & Pipe Squeezer

In order to perform hot tapping for small bore pipes like hydraulic lines, Mechanica has developed an efficient ROV operated hot tapping tool. For operations including blanking of pipes, the hot tapping tool is designed to be operated in combination with the Mechanica pipe squeeze tool.

Cleaning & Seal Handling Tools

For a number of customers, Mechanica AS has delivered a variety of cleaning and seal replacement tools for a number of different hub configurations. They are field proven and have state-of-the-art solutions in order to obtain efficient and reliable operations.

HUB Refurbishment Tools

For repair of more severe damages, HUB refurbishment tools for both monobore and multibore hub configurations have been supplied for several projects. Refurbishment may also involve lead-print of damages on hubs and seals, honing, wet-rub and polish.

Purpose Designed ROV Tooling for Complex Projects

On several occasions, Mechanica AS has been involved in major projects from the moment a severe problem has occurred until operation has been successfully completed.

A number of examples are described at the company’s website, www.mechanica.no.


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