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Through years of experience the Optimarin Ballast System has become one of the most sold systems for environmental treatment of ballast water. Today Optimarin focus on continuous improvement while keeping in mind that such systems should be simple and flexible.optimarin

NO CHEMICALS: As a pioneer in the ballast water industry Optimarin has developed an optimal solution for ballast water treatment. The OBS is based solely on pre-filtration and UV irradiation for efficient removal and inactivation of marine organisms. The OBS is one of the few treatment options that does not require or generate any chemicals or biocides in its treatment and cleaning process.

SIMPLE & FLEXIBLE: The Optimarin Ballast System has a small footprint and weight, and is therefore easy to install on board existing vessels as well as on new builds. The customer may choose either a pre-assembled skid mount or a modular system that can be tailored into any vessel. By using 3D scanning in existing vessels the OBS will be installed with an optimal solution, saving both space and time. The OBS accommodates a wide range of ballast water flow capacities and can handle flows up to 3000 m³/h, and even higher upon request.STANDARDIZED COMPONENTS: The modular OBS is using standardized components for all flow configurations.

All UV spare parts can be used for any system configuration which provides simple procurement and logistic operation for both owners and operators of large and diverse fleets. The OBS comes with one of three filters types: Boll & Kirch, FilterSafe and Filtrex. Our customers will have easy access to spare parts such as UV lamps, filter elements, etc. supplied by our partners around the world.

EASY MAINTENANCE: The simple and reliable design with few movable parts makes the OBS one of the systems that requires the least maintenance and ensures operational reliability. The patented UV chamber made of copper-nickel, high water flow and high UV intensity makes the UV lamps and the internals of the UV chamber self-cleaning and ensures a long service life. A self-cleaning UV system combined with the automatic back-flushing filters results in a minimal requirement for system cleaning and maintenance for the ship crew.

OPTIMIZING POWER CONSUMPTION: OBS is certified to adjust the power consumption according to the UV intensity. The system will automatically optimize the power usage depending on UV intensity which is based on the water quality during ballasting. The extensive treatment capability of OBS has shown that the OBS is capable of meeting both IMO and USCG regulations as well as the more stringent California standard.


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