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OSI Optoelectronics AS has been a leading micro-electronic manufacturer since its establishment in 1965. Today the company offers innovative solutions for optoelectronic development and manufacturing in our sister companies in USA, Malaysia or India. The company’s highly qualified employees can supply the European market with ITAR free detectors and solutions. OSI Optoelectronics AS’ turnover was USD 12 million in 2008.

Detector Products
OSI Optoelectronics AS has more than 30 years of experience in the design, development and production of silicon-based photo-detectors, and continues to work on improving its process technology through close collaboration with its customers and the research foundation SINTEF.

All of the company’s detectors are OEM products, and the company offers the following range of customized silicon detector products:
• PIN photo detectors ranging from UV to near infrared light
• Deep UV and blue-enhanced photo detectors
• Nuclear and radiation detectors for low and high energy
• Multi-element silicon detectors optimized for YAG laser detection
• Non-opto MCM including thin- and thick-film
• Avalanche silicon photodiodes (APD) for YAG laser detection
• Optohybrids
• Multiple element arrays, matrices and stripe detectors
• Quadrant detectors/PSDs
• Flip-chip assembled multi-element diode arrays

Manufacturing Process
OSI Optoelectronics AS products are used in a variety of fields, including positioning satellites, ozone layer monitoring, x-ray and particle detection, missile guidance, proximity detection, gas analysis and position sensing.

OSI Optoelectronic AS’s production facilities has been moved to OSI Optoelectronics facility in California. This includes specialized equipment providing maximum flexibility and clean rooms from class 10. The company manufactures products for space, military, life science and industrial customers. Prototypes and hi-rel products are produced in close cooperation with the company’s engineering group. Serial or high-volume production is produced in the plant most suitable to meet customer logistic needs. Close cooperation with OSI Systems Inc. plants in the US and the Far East provides the quality, flexibility, and cost structure the customer needs.

Main Technology Capabilities
• Design, qualification, and industrialization according to customer requirements
• 4” & 6” silicon wafer processing
• Connected vias through silicon
• InGaAs detectors
• Thin-film processing
• Automated assembly line
• Automated glue dispensing and high-accuracy die mounting
• Automated fine-pitch wire bonding
• Micro and polymer flip-chip
• Hermetic sealing and potting
• Laser trim
• Electro-optical test lab
• Full environmental qualification and screening
• Full traceability to the component level


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