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Overaasen AS - World Leading Producer and Supplier of Snow Removal Equipment
Eastern Norway

Overaasen AS is a world leading producer and supplier of snow removal equipment to the professional user.

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Based in Norway, the company exports its products all around the world from China in the East to USA in the West, from the artic area in the North to Antarctica in the South.

Overaasen is a family owned company and was established 1908 by Hans and Even Øveraasen. The Company produced the first snow plough ever built for cars in 1923 and produced there first snow blower in 1938.

The world’s first snowplough mounted on car built at Øveraasen in 1923.

For more than 100 years the company’s philosophy has been: “We shall use our resources, exclusively for the design and development of snow clearing equipment”. Today they are in a leading position in this small, highly specialized niche market.

Overaasen supplies a wide range of snow removal equipment from simple snow ploughs to the world’s biggest and most advanced snow clearing equipment.

For 40 years Overaasen AS has been the leading company in the world of runway snow sweepers, attachment and high capacity blowers.

The customer range varies from road administrations, government organizations, airports and airport administrations, army customers, air force organizations, railroad authorities, private entrepreneurs and contractors all around the world.

The annual turnover is app 550.000.000 NOK and approximately 80% of the company’s turnover is exported.

Overaasen technology is present at almost all international airports from Frankfurt to Madrid, from New York to the highest situated airport in the world; Bangda in Tibet. As the world‘s leading companies in the industry, they have made ground breaking developments: From the latest generation of RS sweepers – Performance Line – to the world’s largest snow blower for runways and aprons with more than 2200 hp engine performance.

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