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CT based 3D Custom Hip Prosthesis
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Scandinavian Customized Prosthesis (SCP) was founded in 1991 on the basis ofSCP_200x113.jpg research activities at University Hospital i Trondheim and Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim.

The vision of SCP is to improve life for patients and surgeons by offering well proved and well functioning custom implants for improved quality of life for the patient.

SCP wants to be the leading supplier of custom hip implants based on research, studies and advanced computerbased systems for pre-operative planning, production and surgical technique. SCP offers through advanced planning and production systems, high quality and cost effective custom hip solutions with easy to use puirchasing and planning and short lead time.

“Fit the implant to the patient, not the patient to the implant”
SCP strongly believes that patient specific planning of operation and design of prosthesis will have great benefits for the patient in terms of optimal function and long life time expectancy of the implant. SCP also believes that pre-operative planning to secure a predictable operation progress and a safe, precise and secure result will be more common practise by surgeons.

SCP has in cooperation with University Hospital in Trondheim with Prof. Benum and Dr. Aamodt since 1991 developed the concept for a custom hip prosthesis, unique. The concept has been developed step-wise as described by Malchau among others. The main steps in the development are:

1992 -> experimental studies
1995 -> clinical studies
1997 -> multicenter studies
1998 -> randomised multicenter studies

In 2004, more than 600 hips are operated with unique custom stem with no major technical problems. The clinical results are very promising.

Production system
SCP has developed state of the art computer system for planning, design, manufacture and quality control for effective and high quality production of custom implants based on medical images. SCP offers consulting in solutions for patients with abnormal hip anatomy. SCP also offers consulting on planning, design and production of implants and navigation tools for other purposes such as tumour prosthesis.


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