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SG Armaturen
The SG lighting product range is designed and manufactured by SG AS in close cooperation with renowned industrial designers and architects. The Company´s Head Office and General Stock is located in Lillesand in the southern part of Norway. The company was established in 1990, and is a private limited company.
SG is the preferred choice of a large number of leading Electrical Wholesalers, Electrical Installers, Architects and Lighting Consultants. The company is also present through its own subsidiary in the Peoples Republic of China, Sweden, Belgium and France.



Design and Quality

Design and high quality product performance are the key words for SG – in combination with affordable prices.

SG has over a period of many years realised that lighting in itself is not just a quantification of luminous flux, intensity, luminance or lux. The use of the SG product range transcends between the boundaries of an exact science and an abstract art which enables you to create moods and feelings with the use of the correct lighting products. The SG lighting products have all been designed to create the ambience that you need keeping in mind that the products have a great impact on a design because it influence the appearance , tone and impression of every single object or space in design. New technologies have emerged both in lamps and luminaries giving you a tremendous variety of choices.



Product development and Manufacturing
The SG product range is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards including energy saving and environmental standards and also compliance with the EMC standards, CE and ENEC. All SG Lighting products are being manufactured using the best available materials complying to the highest standards in the market.



Outdoor Lighting
The SG Outdoor product range features vandal proof diffusers and a surface treatment utilising dry powder polyester based paints which ensures you a superb protection against corrosion, making it possible for you to install the products in all types of environments. All fastening devices in these products are made of stainless steel. The SG Company render you a 20 years warranty against corrosion on all outdoor products.



Indoor Lighting
The SG Indoor range is equally of the highest quality in material specifications. All products are delivered with either incandescent or with energy saving fluorescent light source, and are easy to install. In order to secure top quality , SG cooperates with and utilises Osram and Vossloh-Schwabe electrical components. This ensures you easy access to service , if it ever should be required.

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Skytterheia 25, 4790, LILLESAND


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